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What are some pre-marriage questions to ask before you commit to a marriage? The success of your marriage depends on how well you discuss and handle your pre-marriage problems. Are you both on the same page, should you sign a prenup and what role does faith play in a marriage? Get answers to these crucial pre-marriage issues on this forum.

What questions can be asked about marriage preparation?

What daily devotionals do you do? Do you pray at mealtimes and at bedtime? When will we set time aside to study the bible and give prayer? Do you have a favorite prayer or a ritual prayer? How important...
15 answers

What things should couples keep in mind before seeking premarital counseling?

Many couples seek pre marital counseling because it is mandatory in their state or by their church, or they are pressured to do so. Those that enroll in counseling should still take the sessions very seriously...
6 answers

What questions should I ask before marriage?

Am I willing to make decisions with two people in mind rather than making decisions only for myself? People who cannot answer the question with a "yes" should not get married. A good marriage will make...
2 answers

What are the most important pre marital counseling questions?

The purpose of premarital questions in counseling is to help couples to plan for their future together while addressing any weak areas or potential disagreements that could arise in the future. Further,...
4 answers

What preparations should I do before marriage?

Shamishta, your culture, as you know, has lots of customs that I am sure you want to follow, so please make sure you consult with your religious guides to get their guidance. Also, Andrea brings up many...
6 answers

Please what do i have to know before marriage? and please what should i ask before marriage

There are so many conversations that you need to have before contemplating marriage in our western society. Children-are you going to have any, if so, how will they be raised, disciplined, educated? ...
2 answers

Hello there, this is Sunita here i am looking for a groom for myseld

Hi Sunita! Thank you for posting your concern on Marriage Forum. We would like to inform you that we are not a matrimonial service. This is marriage forum, a platform for people to seek marital advice...
1 answers

I am 22 now. At home, people are forcing me to get married. What should I do now? I have a job. I am working.

You should ask yourself whether you want to marry at this age or not. There is not right age for marriage, one can marry whenever he/she feels so. Though, I didn't mean to endorse child marriage by my...
3 answers

What is the perfect age to get married?

There is no perfect age. Though, our society seems to find the the age gap 20-35 to be the best time to get married.
3 answers

What is better love or arrange marriage?

If you have to ask this question, I think you only have one option: Arrange. ;) Love is rare, man! An individual doesn't necessarily get the chance to spend his/her life with the person he/she loves....
2 answers

What is marriage?

The important question here seems to not to be what is marriage but why marriage? There are many among us, especially in the West, owing to years of indoctrination, for whom marriage symbolizes self-induced...
2 answers

He's too possessive!

You know, your partners being possessive is not always a bad thing but ya there needs to be a balance between caring and annoying. I would suggest you simply tell him straight in his face how you feel....
1 answers