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Love And Romance Questions And Answers (Q&A) Follow

What is the most romantic way to propose?

Answered: Sep 20, 2015

I think the most romantic way to propose is to take her on a trip to lovely seaside spots, catch a beautiful moment on the beach and make it special :)

Can you tell me some unique ideas for beach proposal ?

Answered: Sep 30, 2015

Tell her you want to collect shells and plant a clam shell with the ring inside. Guide her towards discovering it. Write it out in the sand within a heart. Make a fire and ask her to ... Read More

Can you give some dating advice for women?

Answered: Sep 10, 2015

Be open-minded on a first date – he may be taking you to one of his favourite places which may not be the smartest restaurant in town. Don’t make judgements about him before the ... Read More

Things Romantic Movies Get Wrong About Relationships

Answered: Feb 25, 2020

I completely agree with you, in real life is more different and difficult like in movies, we should work in our relationship if we want to live with our partner a long life. I am in ... Read More

Would You go for A Mail Order Bride?

Answered: Jan 17, 2019

Dear Joseph. I am married to a foriegn bride. A mail order bride can be the wife you've always been looking for. She can be submissive and have your happiness as her main focus. She ... Read More

What is the best relationship advice for women?

Answered: Sep 20, 2015

The best relationship advice for women ever - avoid drama and share your needs and desires :)

What are the best engagement gift ideas for couples to surprise them?

Answered: Sep 11, 2015

Give them a memento that celebrates their unity. It will be an added bonus if they will be able to use your gift during their wedding! For example, crafty people can create an innovative ... Read More

What is the best way to propose to my girlfriend?

Answered: Sep 30, 2015

It’s hard to know what the best way to propose to someone is without really knowing them, but a great way to find out is to ask her best friend(s) or her mother or sister (if she ... Read More

Please share some essentials to keep in mind for some awesome honeymoon tips.

Answered: Sep 28, 2015

The main purpose of a honeymoon is to have a special time alone together with your beloved. If you can get away to some remote and romantic location, all the better. A honeymoon is ... Read More

How can marital problems be solved?

Answered: Sep 03, 2015

Marital problems can be solved in a multitude of ways, but one key element is solid and vulnerable communication. Communication is the ingredient that will determine whether you will ... Read More

How can I get over the love of my life?

Answered: Jul 09, 2015

Getting over the love of your life can be a very difficult situation. Most individuals prefer locking themselves indoors and shutting out the rest of the world, this always seems like ... Read More

Proposing to my foreign girlfriend. Need suggestions!

Answered: Mar 23, 2018

I think it is a good idea. You always need to add spice to your relationship to make it long lasting and interesting. If you are all well-prepared I would say g ahead and fulfil your ... Read More

Can you tell me some ways to propose?

Answered: Oct 01, 2015

Are you proposing somebody(her/him) for the first time? If its love at first sight then first of all try to find that is he/she single or committed to somebody else. Next step is to ... Read More

What are the best wedding gifts for the groom?

Answered: Sep 05, 2015

Personalise a watch, money clip, cuff links or leather wallet. An engraved commitment band is also a nice idea. Choose something that has to do with a hobby he loves, such as an elegant ... Read More

Please share some awesome marriage gift ideas.

Answered: Sep 07, 2015

Some of the best gifts are those which are, a) unique., b) handmade, and c) personalized. Do you have a craft? If you can make pottery, or you sew, crochet, or bead, for example, ... Read More

What are some questions for engaged couples?

Answered: Aug 13, 2015

Are you willing to commit yourself to your spouse for life, even if emotional love may come and go? Marriages that are ruled by emotions rather than commitment are rocky at best, and ... Read More

Need awesome flirting tips

Answered: Sep 20, 2015

Be authentic and enjoy meaningful conversations with your crush. Keep eye contact and smile :) And be sexy :))