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Love And Romance Questions And Answers (Q&A) Follow

What can be the most apt gift for wedding?

Answered: Sep 09, 2015

Here is a list of four contributions from folks who either gave or received a great gift: · Restaurant gift certificate · Rubbermaid or Tupperware container sets in ... Read More

How to help sick girlfriend who’s a thousand miles away?

Answered: Jul 21, 2020

Hi! Firstly, don't beat yourself about it. You mean well, but this is something that is beyond your area of control, so whining won't help.   The ... Read More

Tell me some awesome ideas for my first wedding night.

Answered: Sep 22, 2015

You wedding night is no doubt something you have both been looking forward to for a long time. With all the excitement of planning your wedding day and where to go for your honeymoon, ... Read More

Do foreign brides make the best spouses?

Answered: Jun 06, 2018

Relationships are based on purity and love. It doesn't come around with a lifetime guarantee. There is no surety that mail-order brides will offer everything you are seeking for in ... Read More

Can you give me tips on how to flirt?

Answered: Sep 16, 2015

Just be authentic, smile, keep eye contact, ask questions and enjoy the company :)

Can you tell me how to date an older women?

Answered: Mar 15, 2019

I didn't date an older woman before, I suggest you to try some online dating sites or apps, some target older women younger men dating field. is a resource.

What is the true meaning of love? How to find one?

Answered: Sep 04, 2015

Love means different things to different people, but the basic definition would be caring enough about someone else to want to spend the rest of your life with them. You care about ... Read More

What are the romantic ways to propose for a marriage?

Answered: Sep 30, 2015

There are several romantic ways to propose for marriage. Some ideas are to send your spouse on a treasure hunt with the end treasure being a treasure chest with a ring in it, go out ... Read More

Can you suggest some love tips?

Answered: Sep 09, 2015

To be loving means to put your partner above yourself. A couple tips to bring love into the relationship include to provide your partner with the opportunity to share themselves- including ... Read More

What can be the reasons that I am unhappy in my marriage?

Answered: Aug 13, 2015

Many times our spouse frustrates us and then we look on every small thing they do with contempt. Work to forgive your spouse - a good marriage is made up of two great forgivers.

Our anniversary is coming. I need ideas!

Answered: Jul 30, 2018

Surprises don't always have to be huge for them to be special and romantic. Have you thought of a more personal gift? If you're the artistic type, you could make her something, like ... Read More

What are the premarital questions for couples?

Answered: Aug 28, 2015

There are literally hundreds of premarital questions for couples. They cover many areas, such as culture, politics, religion, personal health, family planning, community, friends, parenthood, ... Read More

My friend's wedding is round the corner. Please suggest some wedding gifts for friends.

Answered: Sep 11, 2015

Wine, wedding keepsakes, plants in a nice pot, dining sets, cooking sets, name sign for house, luggage, silk bedsheets, art pieces, TV subscriptions, personalised cutting boards, terry ... Read More

Can you tell me some best proposal ideas?

Answered: Sep 03, 2015

Ask her best friend where her favourite place is or what her idea of a dream proposal would be. It might be something you hadn't thought of. If you are outdoor people, organise a romantic ... Read More

Can you tell me some unique ideas for beach proposal ?

Answered: Sep 30, 2015

Tell her you want to collect shells and plant a clam shell with the ring inside. Guide her towards discovering it. Write it out in the sand within a heart. Make a fire and ask her to ... Read More