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A discussion forum on love and romance! Need help and assistance on love problems and issues? Want to increase romance in your married life? Fret not; there are a number of people who would happily help you solve your romance and love questions at this Forum. Post a question or browse through the range of love issues posted on the forum for some inspiration.

My wife is not showing intrest on sex

I really hope that by "force" you mean insit. Because if it's not then you have bigger problems than getting laid. It seems to me that you need to focus more on what you are doing then what she is not...
1 answers

I miss her so bad. Should I reach out?

Hi! Do you really wish to be a part of a relationship where everything runs on the whims and fancies and dictates of your partner? It's obvious that your partner has moved on and doesn't feel the same...
2 answers

Should I get shoes for long distance gf?

Actually, I also heared that we should gift shoes, slippers and sandles, it's better you can gift her something elso.
2 answers

She’s acting cold I don’t know why

If her treatment started after you made that comment then that is probably exactly what’s wrong with her. She may feel insecure and maybe you should ask her if that’s why she is treating you coldly....
1 answers


Hi! Well, now that you know what got your girlfriend worked up, try not to aggravate the situation by justifying it to be an offhand remark. Repair the damage by telling her that you had no inclination...
1 answers

What to do if he is cold the mornign after?

I think the emotional connection is missing from his, it is purely physical. He is in a sticky situation and wants to get rid of you. I know this is not the answer that you wanted to listen to, but it's...
1 answers

Proposing to my foreign girlfriend. Need suggestions!

I think it is a good idea. You always need to add spice to your relationship to make it long lasting and interesting. If you are all well-prepared I would say g ahead and fulfil your dreams.
1 answers

My brother's girlfriend is in love with me

It is a difficult situation to handle. ofcourse, you should tell your brother everything. Afterall its about his entire life. He must be dreaming for her and making plans for his honeymoon and vacations....
1 answers

Am I aromantic?

was having serious relationship problems with my boyfriend and it had resulted in him moving out to his friend’s apartment. Everything got worse because he started going to bars and strip clubs frequently...
1 answers

Conflicted hearts

You have a lot to lose if you act on your feelings now. A 14 year old relationship, the happiness of your 4 kids and your home. Be very careful with your decision. Also, make sure that your high school...
1 answers

How to help sick girlfriend who’s a thousand miles away?

Hi! Firstly, don't beat yourself about it. You mean well, but this is something that is beyond your area of control, so whining won't help. The best thing to do would be to show her that you care in small...
1 answers

Need help with travel plans to see my gf for the holidays

Hi ! Congratulations on achieving the milestone of a happy togetherness for 6 months now. Holidaying with your partner sounds like quite an action-packed plan :) And here is a quick reckoning list that...
1 answers

Words said 20 years ago on a first date...still true?

  Hi, all I can say is Love cant be forced and so is marriage. If you really want to care for him there can be multiple ways to go about it and why should you talk about death bed and its complications....
1 answers

Never dated at the age of 22

Hi Give yourself a break! Don't really put yourself down for rather inactive love/sex life. Yuo know that you look fine and are in good shape as well, so why should you try to find faults with yourself....
1 answers

How i figure out if my husband still loves me?

It is the common problem that is faced by most of the couples. When conflict arise between a couple, the first feeling that comes to your mind is your partner don't love you anymore. Even you don't get...
2 answers