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A discussion forum on love and romance! Need help and assistance on love problems and issues? Want to increase romance in your married life? Fret not; there are a number of people who would happily help you solve your romance and love questions at this Forum. Post a question or browse through the range of love issues posted on the forum for some inspiration.

How can I rekindle a marriage?

Sometimes marriages become drudgingly complacent. If you are serious about rekindling the spark in the marriage, recognize that this important work entails an “us” instead of a “me.” While your...
13 answers

What are some questions for engaged couples?

Engaged couples have so much to talk about! Questions engaged couples should explore together include: 1. What brought us together? 2. Why is marriage appropriate at this time? Or is it not? 3....
4 answers

What can be the reasons that I am unhappy in my marriage?

There are both internal and external reasons for discontent in marriage. Examples of internal forces that lead to discontent include depression, fatigue, grief, anger, and other emotional triggers. Unresolved...
5 answers

How can I get over the love of my life?

Getting over the love of your life can be a very difficult situation. Most individuals prefer locking themselves indoors and shutting out the rest of the world, this always seems like the easiest escape...
1 answers

How to increase love in a marriage?

lovekara, I honor you for wanting to bring more love and passion into your marriage! There are so many different ways one can do might want to start with what I call a "State of the Union"...
3 answers

How do I find the love of my life?

Loveless, in order to be ready and accepting of the love of your life, there are a few "housekeeping" items you will benefit from doing and they really aren't complicated, but they can be difficult. As...
4 answers