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A discussion forum on love and romance! Need help and assistance on love problems and issues? Want to increase romance in your married life? Fret not; there are a number of people who would happily help you solve your romance and love questions at this Forum. Post a question or browse through the range of love issues posted on the forum for some inspiration.

Boys hate my ugly smile

I am sure you are a stunning person, and I wouldn't take it too personally over one guy that was that insensitive and shallow just because of your teeth. You will meet someone that will like you, for...
1 answers

Would You go for A Mail Order Bride?

Dear Joseph. I am married to a foriegn bride. A mail order bride can be the wife you've always been looking for. She can be submissive and have your happiness as her main focus. She make me feel like a...
1 answers

Am I aromantic?

You need to show yourself from the other side! do you like extreme dates ?? here I read that it is romantic. You will have a chance to interest your girlfriend. Act...
1 answers

Is my husband not attracted to me anymore?

May I ask what your sex drive was like before, was it better? Has it changed? It is normal for things to change during different times in the marriage, be it because of health or stress reasons, children...
1 answers

I long for a genuine kind of love. So lonely.

Welcome! Love your courage here and thanks for being honest and opening up here in the community! We don't bite! Can I please say that it has probably taken a lot to come out to talk about yourself with...
1 answers

My soulmate broke up with me. I’m lost.

Hey! It's okay if she doesn't feel the same for you now. It's very natural to happen. And, it won't take much time for you to heal out of this. You will be fine soon. Sometimes, what happens is when...
1 answers

Getting the passion back

It sounds like you two are still having sex and have some physical intimacy so it sounds like you two are just in a rut and need to open up more in the bedroom. What books and guides have referred to,...
1 answers

Our anniversary is coming. I need ideas!

Surprises don't always have to be huge for them to be special and romantic. Have you thought of a more personal gift? If you're the artistic type, you could make her something, like drawing/painting...
1 answers

Feeling suicidal after break up

So many times we think that without a particular person in our lives we can't live our normal life where as is not true. Do you know that someone is crushing on you because your uniqueness. You want to...
2 answers

Do foreign brides make the best spouses?

Relationships are based on purity and love. It doesn't come around with a lifetime guarantee. There is no surety that mail-order brides will offer everything you are seeking for in a wife. Love can change...
1 answers