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Need to know more about marriage laws? Facing legal issues in your marriage and need advice? Ask your legal questions related to marriage laws and get answers from community members.

How can i save my marriage

Take him to a therapist and help him in giving up his alcohol habit. Try to involve him in physical activities, plan special things for him to divert his mind from liquor.
1 answers

Can i marry my cousin's foster daughter? Her mother is married to my cousin

That really depends on how you and the girl you intend to marry feel about this. Also depends on how religious you are and if your religion allows this marital arrangement.
1 answers

How to get marriage certificate online?

Visiting the courthouse website in the county of your jurisdiction, you should be able to find all the information you need regarding the process for filing for a marriage license.  They should have...
1 answers

After being married, is it necessary to have a marriage certificate?

Like Dr. Alice mentioned I doubt that you could have gotten legally married without having a license in the first place. Assuming that a legal marriage took place it is always a good idea to have the...
6 answers

I lost my marriage certificate. What are the steps to get a new one made?

Sometimes you can apply for one online. Otherwise you will have to go to the relevant office at the Department of Home Affairs or the Department of Justice, or whatever department handles marriages. You...
2 answers

What are marriage licenses meant for?

Marriage licenses are a tool by which the issuing judicatory can create and maintain ‘vital statistics” filings for a county, state, and federal government. Marriage licensure establishes the “legality”...
4 answers

How much a marriage licenses cost?

Generally, most county governments offer marriage licenses that cost between $25 and $100. The costs of the licenses are used to offset the expenses of the probate and family courts. Typically, all forms...
1 answers

Is marriage equality legal?

Equality in marriage does not mean both partners are the same. What it does mean is that each party’s feelings, needs, and beliefs are just as important as the other’s. Equality in marriage is about...
5 answers

Why is child marriage a problem?

Marriage is about more than just romance. A marriage is a binding legal agreement between two people, and (unlike most contracts you’ll enter into over the course of your life) this one remains in effect...
4 answers

I would appreciate if you would read all of this!

I am not sure I understood what you exactly meant here,. Or what has happened with you over the years,. But I did gather that this could be a grave matter which requires legal intervention. My only advice...
2 answers

I am struggling over home chores. What should i do?

Just do it, get used to doing home chores I say .
1 answers

Does the wife pay husband maintenance if husband is unemployed?

I can only laugh at the husband's discretion if he wants to get the money. First of all, the husband should try to get the job and be independent. Accepting money from wife is morally incorrect. Second,...
1 answers

Jobless, and married in community; wife wants separation. Can I claim some money from wife?

Claim money from your wife just because she wants separation? I don't think so. But I am not so sure about laws related to separation. Perhaps you should consult a lawyer who can give you a better idea...
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Again, I am not in love with my husband?

It is the treachrous quality of love. You should perhaps introspect yourself, and retrospect the events and actions that made you reach to such a conclusion.
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