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All couples run into marriage issues and may need outside help to solve their conflicts. Ask your questions on this forum and get marriage help from experts and other participants.

How can I save my marriage?

I hope these suggestions will help you. When your marriages are in trouble, it's important for you to know that you can learn how to fix a broken relationship or save your marriage — and even find...
9 answers

My wife cheated on me 3 months before our wedding. We still got married but I don’t feel the same toward her. Why do I feel this way 2 years later?

Maybe you just need to be sure she's not doing it again, if you're able to confirm beyond reasonable doubt that she's no longer cheating on you, then you'll most likely start feeling more comfortable in...
2 answers

Is this abuse and what advise would you give

Hello dear I have read your problem And here is the solution because I have been from the same problem but now u am living my second marriage happy with two childrens please check this out ut will really...
1 answers

Is this considered abuse and what advise would you give

Try to visit this site friend. I thought that site will help you.
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How do I avoid or cope with constant Stonewalling in my marriage?

~~Hi Loki, I read what you had to say. I feel for you. I wouldn’t like to be treated like you were in the restaurant either. Recently I have been looking at the differences between women and men. ...
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Friend I can understand your problem but don't be depressed. I know the best solution. I tried this on me and it has some effect so I prefer you for professional help Visit this and buy products that can...
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I'm 27, my husband of only 2 1/2 years says he doesn't love me anymore. What do I do?

Stress can ruin a marriage. The best thing to do is you go to Therapy and get the tolls you need to deal with this. Pscologist will help you. Take care of your self. I thought if my husband is not getting...
2 answers

How do I communicate the severity of my health? My husband didn't come home when I went to the Emergency Room

If you ned help click here, helped me too
1 answers

I’m 19 Married and Need Advice

An ebook of marriage counselor can help to guide you during your process
1 answers

How would you react to this situation?

Wow! This is absurd. #1. The female employee sounds immature and unprofessional to ask such a thing at work. #2. Your husband disrespected you by fondling her hair ... and was also unprofessional. #3....
1 answers

He says it's over. Could he just be saying that because he's mad?

Have you cheated on him in the past to make him so sensitive to you being with other men? This behavior is very strange for a normal married man How long have you been married? He is treating you like...
1 answers

On the rocks

I am sorry to hear how you feel. My wife and I are in an eerily similar position. She told me recently how unhappy she is, partly due to external factors, but also because I have recently not supported...
1 answers

How to believe in him again?

Dear Friend, I'm not going to lie about your marriage and tell you everything is going to be okay. The bottom is dropping out of your world right now. Your marriage, everything you love and treasure,...
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