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All couples run into marriage issues and may need outside help to solve their conflicts. Ask your questions on this forum and get marriage help from experts and other participants.

Is my husband committed?

i am here to testify to the services of an ethical hacker who helped me hack my cheating boyfriend, i am here to share this so that if you need the services of this hacker you can contact him via email...
1 answer

I did not love him when we got married.

I know it seems difficult to stay when you have make up your mind to leave. But, it is about marriage and growing old together. you need to make things good if possible. it is not always the same. There...
1 answer

Wife wants a church wedding but I don't

According to me religious topics can lead to debates. Marriage is a one time event. If you are not into religion thing, it's ok. There are alternative options, agree to what she is saying and throw a reception...
1 answer

Do I let go or do I keep fighting for our marriage?

I read through every word you wrote and I feel terrible that you have to go through this by yourself, I think for the safety of you and your kids you need to make plans to be away from your husband. I...
3 answers

Is my wife honest per below?

hi Only time and heartfelt conversations with your wife can give you an idea if she is honest with you or not. You must make her understand the importance of clear communication with each other. Also,...
1 answer

Husband's best friend

Give it time to know what is actually happening. You should not jump to any conclusions right away. If you find anything suspicious, then [perhaps talk to your husband and try to reach a logical conclusion.
1 answer

Should I give up on my husband now?

Hi Rashmi, The scenario that is persistent with you is a grim one, it appears as if you are stuck in your marriage. The major problem in your case is lack of communication and bonding with your spouse....
1 answer

I have 2 months before my marriage blows up. Looking for advice to fix this

As you pointed out, I think these problems have come up because you avoid confrontations. The thing is, probably your sister wasn't aware that her absence or her behaviour was something that was bothering...
2 answers

Newly married and already unhappy

Each state is different, however I believe you are new enough that you can end it. From what I am reading, he sounds superficial. He married you on looks. While his intentions seem to be real, however,...
1 answer

Is it ok for my wife to spend the night at her best firends and drink?

You trust your wife, but you don't trust the guy, that should be one of the most common scenarios men come across. If you do not want your wife to visit her friend, then find an appropriate way to convince...
1 answer

Marriage problem

HI I can't really understand some part of your question. But according to what I can understand, I will try to help you. Cheating spouse is definitely a pain. It is hard to accept that the person you share...
1 answer

Wife secretly texts male friend

Chatting with male friend, for that matter an ex-crush is not a thing to worry about. The thing that is worrisome is that she lied to you about talking with him. Now there can be 2 reasons for that. First,...
1 answer

Need help for build trust

Your husband is extremely controlling and he needs to see a counselor. I know that it would be very difficult for you to tell him to visit a counselor but atleast you can tell him that the two of you need...
3 answers

Why is it an issue now?

Well yes it can be hurtful, I do understand. But maybe it's just the he likes you smelling good after shower and gets turned on by that. Maybe it's not a big deal. I know it hurts when your partner tells...
1 answer