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Find informational questions and answers related to marriage here. Ask a specific question and get answers directly from fellow community members and experts.

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1 answers

What is Marriage and Family therapist counseling

I'm also interested in this, thanks for the information!
1 answers

What formalities do I need to fufill during child adoption?

The process of adoption is definitely not a quick one since the life and welfare of a child is at stake here. The first step is to apply to adopt a child, which can be done with adoption agencies. This...
3 answers

My husband treats me very badly. I need information about domestic violence laws to file a case against him.

If you’re in an abusive relationship, there are several areas you should consider. First, your physical safety and that of any children in the home is of paramount importance, so you’ll need a safe...
1 answers

How does couples therapy techniques really engage couples?

Many couples walk into marriage counseling with a completely broken relationship. They don’t know how to solve their problems, and oftentimes they don’t even know how to discuss their issues without...
1 answers

Who issues marriage licenses and how long does it take?

The procedure to obtain a marriage license differs across countries and is mainly issued by the Church or the state authority (along with payment of fees). For this couple needs to fulfill basic criteria...
5 answers