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Victim of an affair? Going through infidelity and cheating issues in your marriage? Get help & support on infidelity issues at this Forum. Ask a question or share your personal stories with others. Get advice and solutions that will help you decide what to do. You can even contribute your expertise and advice with others.

I caught wife having an affair. What should I do?

It's best you both part ways since you have already utilized the avenue of marriage counseling, which seemed to have brought respite and repaired your marital damage, for a while. However, since cheating...
1 answer

My fiance’ gf cheated

Have you gotten tested for STDs yet? If not, I suggest you do so right away. If she is a flight attendant, are you really able to trust her on all of her trips where she will have to stay overnight at...
3 answers

Lost and confused

First step, tell your husband and this guy's girlfriend. Then if you two still want to be together, he needs to break up with his girlfirend, and you need to divorce your husband. Good luck
1 answer

Affair after asking spouse for divorce

If you need help to find out about a cheating partner or spouse, need help to hack into any mobile device, email hack, social media hack, spy and track on anyone and lots more; Contact: certifiedhacker4real...
1 answer

Need help please

Hi! You have known her for a really long time, spanning over a decade. This must mean something. If you think you are heavily invested in the relationship and don't want it to end because of a fling,...
3 answers

Feeling numb

Hi Rumbles, You are going through an emotionally draining phase, during this period it is quite natural to feel nothing. You need to invest time in yourself to figure things out. You must be experiencing...
2 answers

I'm losing my sanity!!!

Hi This is no doubt a bad situation but try to remain calm, if nothing else then for your child at least. Sometimes waiting is not the solution. And especially in your case, you have just been waiting...
2 answers

What would you do?

Our situations are quite different, mine being that my husband never became moody or irritated, just withdrawn....quiet. But the similarities are there regarding text messages and whatnot. My two cents?...
3 answers

How do i survive infidelity

i found my ex on a page four years ago and we lived happily together until recently i started noticing some secrecy with her phone and computer,i couldnt have guessed right if not for hacknspy tech,this...
1 answer

He cheated with me then I cheated on him

You're not in love you are in an extremely toxic relationship. I know it is hard, but the best thing that you could do right now is, get out! In this relationship you are always going to be insecure and...
3 answers

Why? Oh, why!!!!

I completely disagree with ted1234 on this. It is not twisted that you feel this way. Fantasizing about your partner with another women is a very common fantasy and you find yourself in the midst of...
3 answers

Married to a man, in love with a woman...should I tell her/him?

You say that you have strong feelings for your friend. It is hard for you to be around her without expressing your feelings, so just tell her. If she values your friendship as much as you do, she will...
2 answers

Secured Long-Term Relationsihp vs. Unconditional Love Affair

Hi MissPatikan,  I believe you when you say that you're having a real hard time weighing your feelings for both these men. Add to this confusion, you're really young and at such an age, it is hard...
2 answers

Infedelity has led to husband getting mistress pregnant

Oh my god - this sounds crazy and I cannot imagine what you must be going through. What does your husband want? Is he accepting that he made a mistake and also wants to save the marriage? You can get the...
2 answers

How do I start a conversation with my wife about me suspecting a possible infidelity on a recent business trip?

I am a firm believer in trusting your instincts. You need to talk to her. Yes, you will want to believe her, but I think you know what happened. If she denies, I would insist on her taking a polygraph....
4 answers

"""After being married, flirting with another man is ethically correct?"""

Unless you are in an open marriage or have an agreement, flirting with another man after being married is unethical. It is a form of disrespect to your husband. In a marriage each partner deserves respect...
2 answers

Is it okay to want to have an affair only to forget your ex?

No it is not okay. That's just a rebound. Sometimes, people get in such relationships only because they need the emotional support  and a cushion to cry on. It's understandable as we're humans and...
1 answer

Are flirtatious married men real cheaters ?

Flirting for married men is not okay. Having said that a few jokes here and there with a friend of the opposite sex may be enjoyed. Provided, it is harmless and only meant as a joke. Married men must act...
2 answers

I am 16. Is it normal to have an affair with a person who is twice my age?

Many young people fantasize about being with people who are older, but for someone so young to be in a relationship with someone twice your age, there could be a problem. It’s natural to seek out in...
5 answers