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Victim of an affair? Going through infidelity and cheating issues in your marriage? Get help & support on infidelity issues at this Forum. Ask a question or share your personal stories with others. Get advice and solutions that will help you decide what to do. You can even contribute your expertise and advice with others.

How to handle feeling down, like I’m not enough?

How would you like to secretly spy in your husbands without him knowing? Check You'll definitely find something that is useful for you.
2 answers

Am I Overreacting?

If you are married he is cheating on you. In a marriage is between two people who love each other. NO CHEATING is not suppose to be in a Happy Marriage. If you have no children then leave. Your not happy...
1 answers

My wife cheated years ago, but new details and lies have surfaced. How do I trust her again?

Just got the purpose of clarity and clearheadedness I think you should visit this website they still be able to help you be sure of what is going on, check out their list...
1 answers

Should i believe my husband won't cheat again or should i just go now?

wow. I stopped holding feeling and other things in for my health. It's pretty sad we have to feel this way in a relationship of marriage or even dating. At least you got I am sorry. I do not get that....
2 answers

How do you fix your marriage after youve cheated?

You broke your vows when you got marryed. I think you should go to a therapist for help. he or she will help you figure out how to tell your husband. Maybe you should go by yourself. Good luck zena16
1 answers

Is my wife showing interest in another guy?

Everything was smooth between me and my spouse until I discovered her cheating games. A friend referred me to where I was able to gain access to some parts of her phone...
1 answers

Wife Cheated / Now Dating The Guy / Worried About Our Daughter

Most cheaters get a big thrill out of fooling their spouses than any other factor of the affair. I am assuming from your narrative she has sole custody and you have visiting rights. The best approach is...
1 answers

What should I do?

Dump him. A Cheater will always cheat over and over again.. He has no RESPECT for you when he does that. . Speak up and ASK him to see cell if he isnt doing any thing he would let you. That is a sign right...
3 answers

Friend has told me my wife cheated on me. what should I do?

My wife had an affair 6 months ago and since then I've never been able to trust her. I saw a testimonial online and I contacted this genius hacker because I had to know the truth. Well, my worst fears...
1 answers

Why do I feel at constant competition with other girls after discovering husband’s secret porn addiction?

Porn turns into cheating. Husband does not even havea clue how it hurts your wife. It is cheating . He is not sharing with you and what he is looking out. It does put a rench in a relationship. Makes...
1 answers

How do I feel confident in myself after husband’s cheating and porn usage?

Men seem to be very visually stimulated, but with that being said... you are his wife and I feel like the “bored” comment was unnecessary. I think you are complete valid in your feelings of being hurt....
2 answers

Suspecting him for 6 months and he's been denying, what should i do?

What is making you suspicious? Has his activities or treatment of you changed significantly? Is he away from you without a valid reason? Did you find suspicious things in his clothes or phone? You have...
3 answers

Should I just dump him?

Hi! Hope you are fine and calm. Relax! It happens! It's not just with you but happens with a many. But what defines you the best from rest is- TAKING A WISE DECISION. As mentioned above that he has...
3 answers