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Keep your marriage fit and healthy. Discuss your marriage health issues with other members on this community. This is a the best marriage forum to keep your relationship healthy and alive.

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I'm sick but I don't want to go my gf's doctor

Defiantly don’t believe in the prayers helping sickness but herbs and oils were here before all the doctors and pharmaceuticals. I’ve personally tried different things for colds flus somethings help...
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I just can't stop loving her...

Love is the best way of keeping someone happy and besides you. I think you won't face any difficulty in being the best husband and father as you seem to be responsible and loving towards them.
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Sports all Weekend!!!!

As long as he is healthy, not going to a gym should not be a problem really. But if you want him to stay healthy and not become complacent about his weight, you can buy him a fit bit. This will help him...
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What are the essential nutrients for a pregnant women?

Due to the rapid cell division taking place in a developing fetus, a high amount of folic acid is needed during pregnancy. Supplemental folic acid is also frequently taken before conception to boost the...
2 answers

How can I help myself to get pregnant?

The best way to help yourself get pregnant is to monitor your menstrual cycle so you can pinpoint when you ovulate.  Ovulation times vary from woman to woman and even month to month, but there are...
2 answers

How can I take care of myself during the different stages of pregnancy?

Each pregnancy is different, but there are some guidelines for taking care of your health during pregnancy.  One of the first things you should do is decide on a physician for your prenatal care....
1 answers

What diet should be followed during pregnancy?

When you are pregnant you need to eat about 300 more calories per day than you did before you were pregnant. It is important to have a well-balanced diet and to take prenatal vitamins. The food you eat...
1 answers

How to plan for a healthy pregnancy?

In planning for a healthy pregnancy, you will need to be aware of everything you take in now, and you will want to eliminate all toxins prior to conception. This includes excess sugars and caffeine; and...
2 answers

I am looking for a marriage pyschologist that can help me in coping with stress. Please help.

Some psychologists specialize in special modalities of therapy aimed at reducing stress or anxiety. Hypnosis, brain spotting, the M-wave, and visualization, are methods of cognitive behavioral therapy...
2 answers

What to do when you are unhappy to make yourself happy?

Whenever I'm feeling down I do something with my two kids. It would seem like this advise doesn't make sense, because often times when we are unhappy we think we want to be left alone, but what I have...
7 answers

How do I get birth control?

There are several solutions to getting birth control — like a condom, female condom, diaphragm, sponge, or emergency contraception (morning after pill) . Condom is the bes
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How much does an abortion cost?

The cost of an abortion depends on how far along the pregnancy is, whether or not your insurance covers the procedure, and where the procedure is being done. An expected out of pocket expense at 10 weeks...
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