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Should I move on or be with my fiancé and get married?

I dont think you should get married. From what story you told me. Arranged marriages hardly ever work. The only one to please is your self to be happy. Tell the Truth and get out
1 answers

Is it normal for a wife to require a lot of personal time?

This is a shitty situation and a living nightmare. I am living this same selfish nightmare. Have you voiced your concerns? Clearly she is aware of how selfish she is- but maybe she needs to officially hear it
1 answers

What should I do when my husband yells at me in front of my toddler?

Ask how it seems from his side. If he says that you're overreacting, then this is what he's implying: "I yell at you, and you wanting to never have that happen again, is overreacting." If he says...
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Wife not cooperative and understanding , fights and quarells and doesn't respect husband

Co-operation is a twoway activity, not onesided. Both of your are from different background. Even assuming that she is not loving yu as expected by you, talk to her, ask her suggestions on things you do...
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