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Having financial problems and issues in a marriage is normal. Learn how to navigate through these issues and keep your marriage strong. Get advice from others on how to manage daily spendings and monthly budgets. Also, read tips on how to save finances in a marriage.

Dealing with financial argument with spouse

I have a lot of struggles in my life,that's true.But one day i understood that if i would just cry and live by the system,it's gonna end well. So i started to change something. I started work as a freelancer...
1 answers

Am I over thinking?

1. 37 years 2. Trust 3. Self-Love 4. Caring 5. Smart 6. Intutive and open 7. Warm and pleasant 8. Anxious and stressed 9. Unseen and angry 10. Try to control everything 11. Lash out of protection 12. Put...
1 answers

Should I be concerned?

I think it is a matter of concern. Becasue you two are married and you should be discussing each and everyting together. There is nothing personal into knowing each others bank account statements. discuss...
1 answers

Should I be concerned?

Yes, I would definately be worried about this. Have a good talk with your husband.
1 answers

Is this right

You certainly need to reconsider your relationship with your partner. You and your spouse are a unit and you need to be in the loop of any major decisions he takes and its impending consequences. Marriage...
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Husband bought an appartment behind my back. Is this acceptable behavior?

Hi It goes without saying that your husband did not do the right thing by not discussing this issue with you. But, contemplating divorce at this stage may not be the best thing to do. If this house is...
1 answers

Do i need to support him in rent and living expenses when i moved out

Amber I think you should contact a lawyer for this as soon as possible. Though I don't think you are liable to pay anything to anybody from your benefits and I don't think you are liable to support him....
1 answers

How can I avoid money problems in a marriage?

What I have witnessed is people bring in a lot of debt to the marriage to begin with. It is a fairly easy thing to do what with student loans, credit cards, and car notes. I would be very strategic and...
5 answers

What are financial advice for newlyweds? Need some financial tips.

Financial matters often cause a lot of tension in a marriage so it is great that you are seeking advice. It is important that you talk about your finances together and be completely open about all your...
3 answers

How to find a marriage counselor within your budget?

Those who are cash-strapped may be relieved to learn that many marriage counselors provide services that are income-sensitive.  Counseling services provided by community agencies, churches, and synagogues...
2 answers

How to stop financial abuse in my marriage?

Financial abuse occurs when there is a major disparity in finances; most typically, if one spouse seems to have control over most or all of the resources that are to be shared. It can occur if one party...
4 answers

How to avoid money problems in marriage?

Research indicates that money problems are the number one predictor of failed marriages. Before partners are married, they should be fully transparent with one another about debts, income, savings, retirement,...
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We’re on different planets!

My husband and I worked for years together as a couple and not as individuals. We married each other. We built our lives and family together. This was not limited to building our financial reserve and...
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