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Going through a specific family problem in your marriage? This is a support forum for all your family problems and issues. Ask your question and get help and support from experts and other members.

Marriage and starting a family

Theres a reason for everything,some relationships are better without certain factors, and some lack the things needed to make their partner happy and keep the relationship striving. Try this it's...
1 answers

Should your husband discuss with you when his family is visiting for extended time?

It will interest you to know that friendship doesn't exist between you and your husband, the bound of friendship is not in anywhere near your Marriage Relationship with him. If there's friendship between...
1 answers

I used my mom toy is it right

Toys are to be played with. As long as it gave you pleasure that is all that matters. But hygiene is very important
1 answers

Do they need to divorce?

Your mother can send a legal notice to ask your father to come back if he wants to leave without any appropriate reason.
1 answers

What should i do with my mother in law?

I have never heard such type of story about mother-in-law. I think you are right at your place, and she needs a proper guidance from the people of her age. It must be a mood swings, happening with her,...
1 answers

Is it rightful to choose the best partner for my son?

I think you should let him decide that. He can live in any way he wants to. Maybe after a period of time he'll understand.
1 answers

How do I raise my younger siblings?

Hey, Please accept my deepest condolences for this loss. So sad to know about them but still glad to know that a just 24years old knows his responsibilities well.   You are such a brave...
1 answers

My son got his girlfriend pregnant at the age of 17.

you should have joint family meeting with her parents. hopefully they will not press the fact your son is guilty of statutory rape if age of consent is higher than his girlfriend age. the options are abortion,...
1 answers

I just lost my husband before our baby comes out.

Hi, It's very painful to know. I can understand the grief you are suffering from right now. This is very uncertain to happen and you have to, have to come out of this pain as soon possible. If not for...
1 answers

How do I tell my parents to stop deciding for me?

Hey! Relax! Take a chill! The only reason that they think about you and your well-being is that they are your parents. They care for you and always wish for your better and healthy future. It's their...
1 answers

Is it a good idea to send money instead of visiting?

Why are is your wife in a different country than you? When did you get married? How long have you been apart? Where are you planning to live as a married couple?    I would suggest you ask your...
1 answers

She wants a baby but I am not yet ready to be a father..

Hi! I hope you are fine! I understand the fact that work sometimes becomes a major constraint in one's married life. But, one has to learn how to deal with it.    I am glad to know that you...
1 answers

I'm afraid I can't make it to college.

Hello, I just hope you are fine and well. And also hoping that you know the importance of education at this age of yours. I understand that things are messed up at present, but that doesn't mean missing...
1 answers

How to tell my parents I'm pregnant?

Hello, I hope you are well in health. I first suggest you stay calm and relax because this is the only way you can think peacefully. Also, the situation sounds very intense and so your decision should...
1 answers