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Get your most commonly asked divorce questions, issues and problems answered. This is the page for you to get divorce help and support from experts and fellow community members. Our Divorce Forum covers a wide variety of legal and personal issues that come up during a divorce, answering your most pressing questions and urgent questions. Share anonymously with others and get practical and helpful advice.

Should I get divorced?

Hi, I am Vilas here. Do you want to save your marriage? Have you tried some of the methods to save your marriage? If the answer is "YES" and you got no positive results. Then you are at the right place...
4 answers

Should I tell him or not?

Hello! I really hope and pray good things will come your way really soon with you and your wife. Life is short to be unhappy. I hope this could help
1 answers

Should I tell him the truth?

Sorry to hear of your troubles. Could I start the conversation by asking: what did you see in your wife in the beginning and when you got married? I ask this to try and understand better what the attraction...
1 answers

My husband is back to me!!!!!

If you want to safeguard you relation heres the solution:
1 answers

Is there hope for my marriage?

Look Man, I will admit that I am in no position to actually give you advise since I had never any experience dealing with divorce, or the pain of having someone you love and cherish with all your heart...
3 answers

What should i do

Divorce is not actually the solution for happy ending, we love, and married but not married to get divorce. If it happen so, please check out the link i've given you this is gonna...
1 answers

Finally my husband is back too me again am so happy right now

I love this please @jessica can you give me he's
1 answers

Wife is unhappy but doesn’t know why?

If you want a happy relationship heres the soulution:
1 answers

Can divorced couple get back together?

Hey, Of course! They definitely can, If they wish to.   Sometimes, it's not the right time for people to be together. But, maybe now is the good time to give their relationship a new chance or a new...
1 answers

I stretched my marriage for 1 year since I was too scared of divorce although my husband wanted it for 1.5 years

What made you stretch this painful experience for an additional year and half? . You should have immediately gotten a good divorce lawyer to maximize your alimony payment for agreeing to divorce him. Was...
1 answers

14 years & 3 kids

Have you considered seeking marital counseling? If nothing else is working out and you are far beyond the avenue of discussing things between yourself then you need a third person's intervention to put...
1 answers

14 years & 3 kids

It’s not a new situation that just happened. She always expressed need for more connection but I focused on everything else in life and just stayed happy that she was there. I never tried the way I should...
2 answers