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He shut me out and finally told me why. Mixed felling...Idk what to do and say?

maybe he just needs some time and space to handle it emotionally, but I think because he got you a valentines gift he for sure does love you. And from his text. Good luck
1 answers

Women's opinion is appreciated

girls typically use "I already have a boyfriend" line to avoid a guy they don't want to be pestered by. it is typically an effective turn off to guys. it is not a hard to get defensive by most girls as...
1 answers

Looking to find Filipina girl to marry and trying mail order websites. Should I pursue?

I am married to a Filipina bride. A Filipina bride can be the wife you've always been looking for. She can be submissive and have your happiness as her main focus. She make me feel like a thousand bucks...
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Confused- give up or keep trying?

I understand it can be hard for you to see this tru especailly with all the emotion clouding your clear thinking. What you did was wrong by taking him for granted and being rude. You know that so at least...
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Is hiring a top foreign dating coach a good idea?

Hey! I hope everything is fine at your end. I think looking out for a coach is a good idea but only if your uncle is comfortable with it. As mentioned above that after the demise of his wife, your uncle...
1 answers

Thinking of doing online dating. Should I go for it?

Of course, you should go for it, you will not regret. It is the best idea in your situation. You will save a lot of time and at the same time, you could meet more women there than in real. First, you should...
2 answers

Dating Shenzhen women. Are they a good choice?

Depends on your definition of "good choice" and whether you are looking for a paid professional provider or a meaningful relationship with one girl. Schenzhen is a rich community in China similar to Beijing...
2 answers