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Marriage counseling is offered to help people who may be considering divorce or seeking improvements in specific areas of their relationship. Keeping the marriage or relationship the main focus, counseling help supports partners in dealing with their emotions, staying calm, and using healthy communication skills to resolve conflicts. With regular help, couples can expect to become better listeners and communicators, find new ways to combat conflicts and support one another. This forum addresses various counseling questions that couples ask during therapy.

Ating and no proof to confront him,any advice?

divider rhonda"Save My Marriage was very instrumental in helping my husband and myself understand each other by learning to communicate love words, to respect each others space, and to speak up when annoyed...
1 answers

My husband is gay

He is your not gay but bisexual if he loves you and a guy. Gay dudes are only capable of loving same sex. If you are truly willing to share him with someone else you should demand a open marriage so that...
1 answers

Pregnant by another man. Should he stay or divorce?

She should forgive herself first and then ask God is forgive her. The matter of she divorcing her husband should not be considered because marriage is a lifetime. The best marriage is between two big big...
1 answers

Emotionally Gone

You really need to find a therapist. Not a counselor for you both, but a professional that YOU talk to and that can help you. You've been through a lot, and you need to seek help from someone who has...
1 answers

Can I save my marriage?

Home › Forum › Marriage Counseling Questions sweetberry asked on May 9 Ating and no proof to confront him,any advice? 0 0 1 Answer Tayo said on 1 second ago divider rhonda"Save My Marriage was very...
1 answers

No commonality between me and my spouse

People change. You gotta decide if your life would be more beneficial without her. But before you call it quits have a nice dinner and talk about everything. Tell her you have hopes and dreams for a better...
1 answers

My unwillingness

Gopali, I think you are being very shallow, appearance, height and color has nothing to do with compatibility. You are 26 years old I don't believe that anybody can force you to get married. But even...
1 answers

How to deal with unsupportive spouse

If your wife has to lie to you to visit her parents, then I am afraid, there is a serious problem in your marriage. You live with your parents but have a problem with her visiting her parents! I don't...
1 answers

Asking for advice

The fact that you have been together for 25 years shows you care for each other.   Women appreciate constant attention, adulation, appreciation and encouragement in what they think and may be you have...
4 answers

After a case of infidelity, can counseling really help?

Counseling can be especially helpful when a couple is in crisis. After a case of infidelity, a couples counselor will help both partners process their feelings about it. They’ll help you explore the...
2 answers