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Husband wont make our vacation a priority

Take that money you have been saving and take a "girls " trip. I'm assuming you two have separate finances, if he doesn't want to do it then enjoy your time with the girls.
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10 years of marriage and I need help

Check You'll definitely find something that is useful for you.
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Why does my husband continue to think that it’s okay to lie and deceive me?

Trust is something tough to retain and if it's gone that much harder to get fixed. Be more alert about his doings and make him understand that deceiving can lead to falling apart. You must also take him...
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Is comminication REALLY necessary in marriage?

Communication is the crucial aspect of a relationship, and in its absence, one can ruin what he has... Interact now and then with your partner and aid them to feel wanted always. Love and respect are the...
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Is it wrong of me to tell my husband to keep our private patio private?

I’m on your side. You should not feel uncomfortable in your house because a neighbour, no matter how friendly, can walk in. Maybe you can ask her to send you a text before coming over (since she seems...
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Wife says I'm ignorant

That's true. But it's important for you to know the currency of the country in which you live in. Not because your wife will get angry but for your own well-being. however, in your case it wasn't a big...
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Am I a victim of emotional abuse or am I just sensitive?

This goes past the point of emotional abuse and I’m sorry to say, but divorce may be the best option for everyone involved. I have never heard of anyone calling their family a “fake family”, even...
1 answers

Overcoming Insecurity

HI I am sure that you were aware of his sun sign and the related traits when you got married. There must have been a good enough reason and a great amount of hope that the relationship would be lovely...
1 answers

Am being jealous or rational ?

Take if from a guy (me) :-), your not being jealous, call it off. Even if he is NOT being "shady", lack of communication will eventually kill the relationship anyways. Age plays no role. It is what is...
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HI Suman This seems to be a really difficult situation. I am sure you badly want to know what is happening in your husband's life and why is he hiding his phone content from you. But lets just suppose...
2 answers

How important is communication in marriage?

Communication is the most vital component in a marriage in addition to intimacy, connection, love, compatibility and closeness. Having sound, effective, regular, and reliable communication in a marriage...
3 answers

How can I handle communication problems in a marriage?

The problem with communication is that we have all been raised to communicate in different ways. If you were always taught ``If you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say anything´´, it is going...
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I need some help with marriage in communication. Suggestions?

Communication in marriage is an ongoing challenge which needs to be pursued with diligence and patience, knowing that it can and will get better as you are committed to learn new skills. One of these skills...
6 answers

Can communication problems break a relationship?

For sure, communication problems can break a relationship. Communication issues are usually one of the number one causes of failed relationships. To survive in a relationship you need to build good relationships...
11 answers

How should I communicate problems related to my marriage?

Talking about your marriage problems can be difficult, but there is a tried and true formula for bringing up things that are uncomfortable.  First, choose a good time to talk.  Bringing up issues...
2 answers

How should I solve communication problems in my marriage?

Communicating with your spouse can be difficult for many reasons. Everyday problems can mount up, putting stress on the relationship.  Marriage is a partnership and both parties have to make problem-solving...
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