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Our marriage advice forum discusses a number of questions and provides answers on every aspect of married life. From conflicts around intimacy and communication to finances and priorities; find solutions, advice and guidance to your marital problems. Ask an expert, get answers and implement suggestions in your married life for a better tomorrow.

Im not sure what to do, advice please?

They say the first year is the hardest and it has to be more difficult with long distance. Maybe after you two are together it would be different. It’s hard to say. Your mental health is the most important...
1 answers

Should I file for a divorce?

You have to apologise to your wife for making her life miserable. She cheated on you because you were not there for her emotionally to feel the vacuum you are supposed to feel in her love life. After the...
1 answers

What if my spouse is ready to leave me because I said I need some time before I move in with my in laws?

Hello! I really hope and pray good things will come your way really soon with you and your spouse. Life is short to be unhappy. I hope this could help
1 answers

Should I divorce or not?

Hi. I totally agree with you, divorce is not a soution for everything and I want to tell you how I managed to save my marriage, all my problems disappearing with the help of this method. If you want to...
3 answers

I am facing stress after marriage

The three things to do when Marriage goes wrong. A person’s wisdom yields patience; it is to one’s glory to overlook an offense. Proverbs 19:11 An elderly grandmother went to lunch with her granddaughter...
3 answers

Why should I get married?

Hopefully you are beginning to see that marriage has a much higher calling and a deeper purpose than to make you happy. It is actually God’s design to often make you uncomfortable in marriage which,...
1 answers

Is it time to walk away?

Permit me to say here that you made a mistake in the first place. While you were in Relationship that's when you should have known the kind of lifestyle he lives. The kind of friends he keeps and all that....
2 answers

Is it time to walk away and how?

Check out You'll be glad you did
1 answers

How do I know if it's time to walk away

I can really on how difficult it is to stay in a relationship that keeps doing the same old same old. No matter how many times you seem to express your feelings nothing ever changes. I feel like you will...
1 answers

I don’t know what to do

But why is that always happening to some of our fellow women? I think they didnt do some sort of right thing to make their man madly inlove to them. And when that scenario happens,thats where the CHEATING,COLD...
1 answers

Help me! I think my husband hates my

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1 answers

How do I deal with my husband who seems to be insecure of my family?

Sometimes Divorces can be an easy thing. You loved each other for a while and the. That honeymoon phase started to end. A few months down the line and you both can’t stand each other. Then their are...
1 answers

Is my marriage over?

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