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Im not sure what to do, advice please?

They say the first year is the hardest and it has to be more difficult with long distance. Maybe after you two are together it would be different. It’s hard to say. Your mental health is the most important...
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Should I file for a divorce?

You have to apologise to your wife for making her life miserable. She cheated on you because you were not there for her emotionally to feel the vacuum you are supposed to feel in her love life. After the...
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What if my spouse is ready to leave me because I said I need some time before I move in with my in laws?

Hello! I really hope and pray good things will come your way really soon with you and your spouse. Life is short to be unhappy. I hope this could help
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14 best way to make any woman to fall in love with you. 1) Bath with her. It absolutely romantic when you bath with your woman especially when you option to bath her. Don't make her to feel shy, right...
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How to get overwith breakup ?

Dealing with break up or divorce has been a serious challenge for so many people over the years. Some people lost their lives by committing suicide because they had break up with their Partners. First:...
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Help my wife is abusing me and I'm crying because I'm powerless and women here reading this are laughing probably

I was in two abusive relationships. One married for 11 year's and one dated for two. I was raised in an abusive relationship as well so my first experience after divorce was also that way. No human has...
2 answers

Help I'm being abused by my wife and can't do anything about it. I'm crying now and suicidal

The fact remains that you are seriously been abused by your wife. You have to sit her down, Ask her if she knows the health implementation of urinating in your mouth. Urine are bacteria that has been rejected...
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How to handle feeling down, like I’m not enough?

How would you like to secretly spy in your husbands without him knowing? Check You'll definitely find something that is useful for you.
2 answers

Should I divorce or not?

Hi. I totally agree with you, divorce is not a soution for everything and I want to tell you how I managed to save my marriage, all my problems disappearing with the help of this method. If you want to...
3 answers

How can I save my marriage?

I hope these suggestions will help you. When your marriages are in trouble, it's important for you to know that you can learn how to fix a broken relationship or save your marriage — and even find...
9 answers

I am facing stress after marriage

The three things to do when Marriage goes wrong. A person’s wisdom yields patience; it is to one’s glory to overlook an offense. Proverbs 19:11 An elderly grandmother went to lunch with her granddaughter...
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Post pregnancy, getting horny many times a day, is that normal?

Hi my guy. This is tough, but one I and many other men have battled through. Number one; stay away from porn! She may never say anything about it, she may even join you (rarely is this the case), but this...
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I need an honest answer

If you want to save your marriage then There is Amazing book on it
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