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Waiting game

Hi In your situation, there is nothin much that you can really do. Perhaps, just talk to him and let him know that how much it means to you if he would actually propose to you. Rest, just leave it to him....
1 answer

Engagement ring help

my husband bought my ring for 20$ on amazon, i LOVE it. its not about the price and if she asks what it cost thats just rude, only reason i found out the price of mine was cuz i had knocked it into the...
2 answers

What to do when my fiancee's father does not support our martial plans

Hi Tobi I believe most problems that we encounter can really be solved with effective communication. In your case, leaving a church is no reason for dispproval for marriage. It doesn't make you a good...
1 answer

My bf is mumma's boy.

yeah .. I understand your situation but he is helpless too because he used to do this since childhood. But he needs to understand that he is married now and have started his own family.
3 answers

Is it possible to save your marriage alone?

Yes, it absolutely is! When you start working on yourself, the light, the joy, the passion will naturally flow out of you to your partner, and he/she will begin to notice this change and want to give...
5 answers

Are marriage workshops really helpful or just a waste of money?

Just like any service, marriage workshops run the full gamut of excellent to ordinary. Some may even be downright harmful to a relationship, so it’s important to know what to look for and what to avoid....
9 answers

What makes a marriage successful? Define success.

A successful marriage is one in which both parties feel the relationship improves their lives rather than detracting from it. Most couples find marriage to be a source of joy as well as challenges, and...
4 answers

In what ways my husband can help me in conceiving a baby?

Speaking of phone tracking software, I think of SpyToApp. It is one very good application. SpyToApp allows positioning, monitoring functions on the phone. I am using it to track my son, I see clearly brought...
3 answers

What is a happy marriage? How can I have it?

Like always said 'It takes two to tango' same is in the case of marriage. It is a union of two people for which both couples have to work each day to give it a beautiful meaning. But due to busy schedule...
6 answers

I need help in my marriage. My husband is alcoholic. And I have issues dealing with my anger.

Alcoholism makes relationships difficult, strained, and often toxic. Anger management issues will only exacerbate the problem, with constant conflict the likely result. To improve your relationship,...
4 answers

What makes a marriage happy?

Every marriage will have its share of successes and failures. But eventually being patient with each other, loving each other every single day, practicing forgiveness and nurturing your relationship wholeheartedly...
3 answers

What are the words of marriage vows in a Catholic wedding?

Although many couples today are writing their own vows, in a mtraditional Catholic wedding they offer two basic options to choose from, and they’re very similar. “I, [name], take you, [spouse’s...
2 answers

What are some questions you should ask before you marry?

There are literally hundreds of questions you can ask yourpartner prior to getting married. It is actually less important what questions you ask, and more important that you initiate a very good discussion....
39 answers

How should I fix a marriage?

There are hundreds of small deeds and activities you can perform to add spice or stir things up a bit. Some couples just need to fill their time with fun, positive activities, while avoiding negative...
27 answers

Can you tell me some really helpful ways to save my marriage?

Open communication lines again Tell each other you love them / Or still care Say that you want to work it out Go to a professional marriage counselor
1 answer

How can I fix a failing marriage?

By giving it your all. You can fix things. But you must know that what you are trying to save is worthy of being saved as well. Like in case of violence - that's abuse and must never be tolerated in a...
1 answer

How can I save my marriage?

Sometimes, letting go seems like the easiest thing to do. But it's great that you are thinking of saving your marriage even in troubled times. If both of you are willing to save this relationship, then...
1 answer

What are the basic steps to save a marriage?

Marriages that are in danger usually lack the same basic tools that can make them work. · Good communication skills are essential for working out problems before they take over. Practice using...
6 answers

Can a family member provide help in my marriage? I am ashamed to ask them.

Some family members may have wonderful advice to offer you in regards to marriage, and seeking input from one’s elders is a time-honored tradition. That said, it’s also wise also to be cautious when...
7 answers

My husband's ex-girlfriend is trying to ruin our life. What can I do in saving my marriage?

If your husband’s ex-girlfriend is causing drama in your marriage, the best thing to do is to first discuss your concerns with your husband. If you’ve already tried that and nothing has changed, it...
7 answers