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A child of divorce

Hi Kids re used to seeing their parents as a unit,together. Divorce of the parents is a hard reality to accept for them and it becomes more ifficult if the parents start dating. But as time passes, and...
1 answer

Can a woman be pregnant no symptoms?

A woman can be pregnant and have no symptoms, but that's rare. Usually she'll at least skip her period, feel bloated or get sick. Your friend should visit a free clinic, pregnancy center or her doctor...
2 answers

Can pregnant women eat crawfish?

Crawrish has one of the lowest mercery levels of all seafood, and if you eat less than 12 ounces a week, it's safe for you and your baby!
1 answer

Can you get a tattoo while pregnant?

Of course you can get a tattoo while pregnant, but you should wait until the second trimester when the baby is more developed, and you have to take several precautions. Make sure the artist knows you're...
1 answer

Is 15 weeks pregnant no weight gain normal?

Some women don't gain weight. One of my friends lost weight during her pregnancy. Your doctor can tell you for sure if it's okay or not.
1 answer

Is 6 weeks pregnant no symptoms normal or should i see a doctor?

You probably should see your doctor as soon as possible. He or she will verify your pregnancy and do an ultrasound to make sure you're baby is okay. It's better to be safe than sorry!
1 answer

26 weeks is how many months pregnant?

26 weeks is roughly 6 months
1 answer

What to expect when you are expecting a baby?

There is so much to do when expecting a baby. Here are a list of small but important steps to take when you are waiting for a bundle of joy to arrive. 1. Find a physician to monitor your pregnancy 2....
1 answer

What are types of child maltreatment? What steps should be taken to control this evil?

Children are the most vulnerable members of society, and there are many ways they can be mistreated. Special care should be taken with children to help them understand their rights, including: • Children...
3 answers

I am a single parent and facing lot of health issues. Can you tell me how can I place my baby for adoption?

Placing your baby for adoption is a very personal and intensely emotional decision; however, being a single parent with a lot of health issues can make it almost impossible for you to raise your child....
3 answers

What is the process of adoption?

As taken from my answer in another similar forum thread questions: "The process of adoption is definitely not a quick one since the life and welfare of a child is at stake here. The first step is to apply...
3 answers

Tell me how can I take care of myself from pregnancy to child birth?

As soon as you know that you are pregnant it is important to place yourself under the care of a doctor. You need to go for regular monthly check ups at your hospital or clinic to monitor your health and...
1 answer

What is adultery? Why it is considered to be so wrong?

Sexual loyalty, which is synonymous with marital fidelity, is a promise that is typically considered to be the most serious and fundamental vow we take when we enter into a marriage. That’s why breaking...
5 answers

What are the signs and symptoms of pregnancy?

Some of the common signs and symptoms can be breast soreness, odd food cravings or aversions, morning sickness, swollen breasts, increased urination, fatigue, feeling run down, and of course a missed period....
6 answers

How to stop marital problems during pregnancy?

If you fell pregnant unexpectedly, it could cause problems in your relationship. Either one of you may not be thrilled to be pregnant at this time. If the husband suspects that the wife fell pregnant deliberately...
6 answers

How do I know that I am pregnant? What are its signs?

The first and most obvious sign for most women is a missed period. Though, some women can have spotting or small amounts of bleeding during the first stage. Other signs of pregnancy may include nausea,...
3 answers

I love dating different men. Can you tell me how can I get out of this habit as I am getting married soon?

This sounds like it could be a big problem if you don’t take care of this very soon. I’m concerned that you will be getting married soon, when it really doesn’t seem like you’re ready..but anyways....
7 answers

How do you find out that you are pregnant?

I found out that I was pregnant the first time because I had skipped a period and since I had been having unprotected sex, I took a pregnancy test which of course came back positive. I was only 19 at the...
4 answers

Need some tips on getting pregnant and parenting as well.

Once you decide you would like to get pregnant, and you are not taking any contraceptives, you would need to have intercourse during the six days of your cycle when it is possible to fall pregnant. These...
3 answers

How to concieve a baby boy?

You could use all those traditional rememdies, and old wive's tales to conceive a baby boy, but sometimes it just might not work. The gender of a baby is determined by yours and your partner's genes, and...
5 answers