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Where can I get free marriage counseling?

marriage counseling is available to build a happy, long lasting and healthy relationship and the best way to bring your declining relation back to the loving state.
2 answers

What are traditional wedding vows?

Traditional wedding vows remain a popular choice for couples. But traditional doesn't necessarily mean "boring." Consider these traditional wedding vows a great inspiration. You can even write your own,...
1 answer

The 10 Worst First Date Ideas Ever

Ha ha. Enjoyed reading this one ! :D
1 answer

Who issues marriage licenses and how long does it take?

The procedure to obtain a marriage license differs across countries and is mainly issued by the Church or the state authority (along with payment of fees). For this couple needs to fulfill basic criteria...
5 answers

What is equality in a marriage?

Equality in marriage does not mean both partners are the same. What it does mean is that each party’s feelings, needs, and beliefs are just as important as the other’s. Equality in marriage is about...
2 answers

What are catholic vows of marriage?

There are a couple of different versions of Catholic wedding vows. The version most people are familiar with goes like this: "I, [name], take you, [spouse’s name], for my lawful wife/husband, to have...
7 answers

What formalities do I need to fufill during child adoption?

The process of adoption is definitely not a quick one since the life and welfare of a child is at stake here. The first step is to apply to adopt a child, which can be done with adoption agencies. This...
3 answers

Can I have my marriage certificate changed?

A marriage certificate is an official government document and once it’s been signed and recorded by the county clerk, it generally cannot be altered. There are some exceptions, though, and each state...
4 answers

What is marriage coaching?

Marriage coaching is different from marriage counseling in the following ways; · Marriage counselors are seen as having greater knowledge, and providing advice and insight; whereas coaches are...
2 answers

What are vows in a marriage?

Vows taken at the altar are sacrosanct. They represent a solemn oath that couples make to one another in front of God, their family and friends, and the Church. This covenant may be the most important...
6 answers

My husband treats me very badly. I need information about domestic violence laws to file a case against him.

If you’re in an abusive relationship, there are several areas you should consider. First, your physical safety and that of any children in the home is of paramount importance, so you’ll need a safe...
1 answer

How does couples therapy techniques really engage couples?

Many couples walk into marriage counseling with a completely broken relationship. They don’t know how to solve their problems, and oftentimes they don’t even know how to discuss their issues without...
1 answer

Can you suggest me ways on how to become a marriage counselor?

A great way to gain experience counseling others is by volunteering in nonprofit organizations, such as womenspace or any other agency, you can answer crisis lines or act as a mentor or listener on one...
12 answers

What is the meaning of marriage in the Bible?

There is some controversy around the definition of marriage in the bible, as it is not clearly defined within the scriptures. There are three commonly held beliefs around the definition according to interpretations...
13 answers

What is horoscope compatibility? How does it work?

Horoscope compatibility is how well two people will match up or get along based on when they were born which determines their astrological sign. A horoscope represents your astrological sign and its description...
6 answers

Why do men cheat in most cases?

There is no answer for this question, but yes it's true. May be men are priveleged of not being controlled by somebody and can do whatvever they want. Though, that's not correct but not all men are the...
8 answers

Is horoscope compatibility important for marriage?

For a marriage to have any degree of success it must have compatibility. However, I don’t believe horoscopes have anything to do with a marriage. Yes, there are hundreds of people who read their horoscopes...
9 answers

What are wedding vows?

Wedding vows are words a couple shares with each other at the time of marriage their marriage ceremony. These words are supposed to symbolize commitment with promises to one another to keep with each other...
5 answers

Are marriage separation and divorce the same things?

Separation implies a mutual decision by a couple to live apart or end a relationship while still being married. A divorce on the other hand, means a legal annulment of a marriage, which thus revokes the...
4 answers