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Need dating advice for married people.

Two best dating rules for married couples: Rule No1: Phones down during dates! Nothing is as important as the one in front of you. Rule No 2: Don’t let the kids bother you. Dating is your special time...
4 answers

My gf’s dad is the same age as me. Awkward but need advice

Hi, I would advise not to freak out. It's entirely reasonable and acceptable, feelings of love and affection are free of societal stereotypes. If you love her and want to bring her home to fulfill your...
1 answer

Help!! Which woman do I choose!?!?

Hi, On the basis of what you have discussed, your dilemma is only in your mind. You have been single for 4 years, and all of a sudden you now have 2 women who are interested in you. I would advise to not...
1 answer

What do I do with this relationship, I wanna know if I'm being unreasonable?

HI THey say that if you really love someone, set them free. You really need to practice this. You can't do much if your girlfriend still has feelings for the ex. But then are you sure about it? Why should...
1 answer

My girlfriend cheated on me with my friend for a while??

Hi Pls calm down first. Life is full of surprises, you have to still go on with it. Learn to accept what is thrown at you. Reg. your gf, you need to figure out yourself about what you want to do. Do you...
1 answer

People say I am pretty but never approached

In this field, something like this can now look at your names and look at marriage in Asia I'm giving my students classes in the issue of marriage Here we introduce an idea to the community thank you! CLS...
3 answers

This man is my roommate. I am totally in love with him. Lately he seems to be avoiding me.

HI Try to find out why is he avoiding you, if you think he is avoiding you because he has an idea about your feelings for him then perhaps you should also not bother him. But if there is any other thing...
1 answer

Is this okay?

The thing is you cannot make anyone quit smoking, all you can do is help them quit. What you should do is tell your boyfriend that he doesn't need to ask for your permission if he wants to smoke, it's...
1 answer

How do I maintain an old platonic friendship and not ruin my relationship?

You cannot let your boyfriend's trust issues destroy your friendships. Your boyfriend is important but so are your friends. In every phase of life you are going to meet men, who might be attractive, who...
4 answers

My bf wont talk to me. He said he'd not mad, but he also ignores me. What should I do?

He probably is really mad at you for some reason and wants you to think over it and come up with the reason on your own. You should pursue him a little more to make him disclose the reason for his rude...
1 answer

What's the right way for coping with a breakup?

Here's a great article that will help you cope up
1 answer

What's your best gay dating advice?

Be honest with yourself and your partner be equally gay Pay equally Do not talk about your exes spend nights apart have fun
1 answer

What's the best lesbian dating advice?

This is what my 11 years of lesbian dating has taught me - have fun, be honest, be yourself, flirt, be willing to cut and run if she's not the one or isn't into you
1 answer

Where can someone learn effective communication for couples?

I've never heard of a school for communication, but a professional therapist can help your friends figure out how to talk to each other. LIstening can help and trying to understand the other person's point...
1 answer

Any dating advice for women who are new to the dating scene?

Make sure you are true to yourself, and don't date guys who are mean, rude or uninteresting. Try dating in groups to get your feet wet maybe.
1 answer

What are some fun couples dating ideas?

Great idea! How about a group scavenger hunt, progressive dinner, basketball game or concert? Or serve a meal at a homeless shelter or pick up litter along the road.
1 answer

What christian singles dating advice should i know?

Dating as a Christian single is a lot like regular dating except you will pray before you accept a date, date only other Christians and try to put God first in all things. You'll still be honest, be yourself...
1 answer

Any christian dating advice for women?

Put God first in all things! He will show you who to date and what to do on your dates, and He will direct you to the guy that's right for you. Remember to have fun because it is okay for Christians to...
1 answer

What dating advice for black women is ridiculous?

I asked one of my friends, and she said the most ridiculous advice she ever got was to not date white men. What does color matter?
1 answer

Any first date advice for women?

Try to have fun and be yourself. Wear good deodorant and don't take yourself too seriously.
1 answer