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How can I make my wife happy?

Answered: Sep 23, 2014

Hi, let me try! I am going to giving her flowers.

Husband is addicted to porn!

Answered: Jul 23, 2020

I made with my bf some contract - we are watching some porn only together before we make sex. 1 or 2 videos and it is more attractive for all :D

How to get him to make a decision?

Answered: Jun 07, 2014

I would love to know why you are putting so much pressure on your husband. Reversing the roles, I hate when my husband hounds me about anything. How would you like for him to hound ... Read More


Answered: Jun 13, 2014

I completely empathize with you when you say that you “like to discuss your daily plans”. Most women are meticulous and detail oriented where they want to have a thorough conversations ... Read More

My wife had an affair in past and I can't overcome that truth. Need tips that can help me to start afresh.

Answered: Jun 08, 2018

Today is all that you have. How is your wife behaving today? Has she said sorry to you for having the affair and asked you to forgive her? Can you see that she is trying hard to regain ... Read More

Recently I flirted with a woman but now I am feeling guilty about it. How to cope with this feeling?

Answered: Sep 11, 2015

If the woman or you are married, then stop right there! There is no point in continuing this as further action could lead to broken hearts and a complicated mess. You can feel guilty ... Read More

How to get my wife to do a job?

Answered: Jul 22, 2014

Many People face this problem. One is pretty clear that you need to encourage her to join her previous job or a new job again for the betterment of family as a unit. The questions remains, ... Read More

Did I marry the right one?

Answered: Feb 21, 2018

It is one thing to be a strong woman, and it is another to be selfish. When we got married many, many, many years ago we committed to each other. So, many young couples are ... Read More

Wife does not give blowjob

Answered: May 05, 2019

My wife will only give me blowjobs. The explanation is that the last time she had an orgasm, her shaking injured her knee and she is afraid that any other sexual activity that could ... Read More

I have a doubt that my wife is having an affair. How can I catch her red-handed?

Answered: Mar 04, 2016

Why do have doubts about your wife? Do you have proof about her infedility? Do not suspect your wife on your assumptions. Suspicion in married life can destroy your relationship. Your ... Read More

I am 34, a woman, married for 10 years, my husband suffers incapability in sex.

Answered: Jul 06, 2020

You don't say what kind of incapability your husband has. But if he has a problem with erectile dysfunction then I will give you information about oral medicine here. The ... Read More

Married to a Child

Answered: Jun 10, 2014

I sat back and read your post and was amazed at your post. He is your husband, not your child. There is no reason for you to feel compelled to clean up after your husband like a child. ... Read More

What are the most commonly asked marriage questions?

Answered: Sep 21, 2015

How do you consider marriage? What's its worth in your life? Does it mean anything to you? How do you both define marriage? Share these thoughts, check for differences and add points ... Read More

Tired of being a military wife, what should I do?

Answered: Jun 17, 2015

MilitaryWife, I only recently found this site, and so I am reaching out to you, as I work with lots of military families. I would love to know how you are doing now, where you are ... Read More

She’s too fat!

Answered: Aug 27, 2014

This reply is mostly to men/husbands. Both the husband and the wife need to work out and stay fit, not just the wife. We must not make this all about wives gaining weight. Men get sloppy ... Read More

Caught Wife Sexting...What to do?

Answered: Apr 19, 2018

Hey there. I feel like I am in a very similar situation as you. My wife and I both tried the open marriage thing. At first it was great. After a few months, though, I found that ... Read More