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My husband goes out drinking and doesn’t come home till 6am

Me & my husband been married nearly 5 years.
2 children age 9 and age 1.
I dropped him off to have drinks with work friends at 3pm Saturday.
I woken Sunday morning 5am and he still wasn’t home.
I had no messages or phone calls.
I tried ringing and texting he ignored them.
He turned up home in a taxi at 6:20am I was so mad going out my head with worry! He comes in speaks to me like rubbish like he’s done nothing wrong.
Would anyone else be so mad in this situation? 

1 Answers

CindyBaker Answered:

You need to set boundaries, moving ahead. If you keep accepting such abrasive behaviour, you are setting yourself up for more such disappointments and heartbreaking episodes. Tell him he needs to keep a tab on his drinking habit. Moderation is the word. Be accepting of occasional drinking he indulges in. But tell him in no uncertain terms that you won't tolerate rudeness or any talking down to you in a way that is contemptuous. Refrain from any communication, proximity or association with him when he oversteps the limits.

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