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Should I Marry Her?

I met this girl last summer, neither of us have been married, no children, we're both teachers, and I enjoyed dating her.
She lives over an hour away, but that hasn't stopped us, I've drive to see her every weekend.
I knew there would be a possibility of marriage early on, but now I'm feeling uneasy.
First, she's the one who has really pushed the marriage thing, however she doesn't seem to be willing to meet me half way on anything.
She's never once driven to my place to visit me, it has always been me going to her place.
She doesn't want to move away from her parents, not even one town over.
I'm going to have leave my job and relocate and live out her way, which I'm not crazy about, but I'm willing to do it.
She was not even willing for us to find an between location to live.
We're supposed to get married this summer, and I haven't yet found a new teaching job out her way.
It will be impossible for me to live out her way and drive to work, however she refuses to even find a temporary place in between our job locations, insisting we marry and keep the arrangement we have now while we're dating, where I continue to live at my place and see her on the weekends.
When I suggested perhaps we should put off the wedding until the job situation is straightened out, she became upset with me.
I'm very confused.

1 Answers

CindyBaker Answered:

Your girlfriend's intentions and actions seem to be shrouded in mystery! And not in an alluring, enigmatic way. You need to put it across to her as clearly as it gets, that she and you need to walk equal distance to make this work! The whole deal about continuing the same arrangement post marriage, as is now during this dating, courtship period, seems to be very illogical. If she doesn't agree with your reasonable requests and demands, even halfway, then it's time to take a step back and stall the whole walking the altar deal. It's going to be tough but will help put things in perspective for her and help you make a clear choice too.

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