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My husband’s son has disrespected me

My husband’s son has disrespected me in the absolute worst way possible, he has broken things in my house and lied about it ( he is 25 yrs old), he moved in with us 8 mths ago, he hasn’t been with his dad for over 18 years, and he reach reached out to his son, and that’s how the moving in with us, but back to the reason I’m seeking advice; my husband went off on him, it was a huge argument between the two of them, I work overnight and late that night his son called me crying and repeatedly apologizing for what he said, and I get home this morning and my husband has the audacity to say that his son wants to stay ( he was in a hotel last night), his son wants to continue to live under my roof, I don’t want him in my home, and how dare my husband even expect me to let him live in my home, after such a magnitude disrespect toward me, I’m totally ticked off, please give me advice 

1 Answers

CindyBaker Answered:

Not undermining the devastating impact your husband's son's indelicacies have had on you, you can graciously grant him one last chance to make amends. Since you mentioned that he apologized to you and he was repentant of his actions, you can consider allowing him that one last chance to rectify his actions. If at all, his misdemeanours continue, you will have the face to tell your husband that you granted him the chance but he failed. One shot is all you have to give. Nothing more to that. And this time set some boundaries, behaviour protocol and rules.

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