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How to reassure parents that my gf is not a gold digger?

I know what you all might be thinking when I say that I met my gf through a dating tour, that she’s a gold digger or something.
You all may be thinking about how she may be after my wallet and bank account instead of loving me but I honestly don’t believe that.
I was skeptical at first but my mind changed after I met her.
I tried reassuring my parents about our relationship and her feelings for me but they just don’t believe me and I’m pretty sure I’ll get comments who would also agree with my parents here.
But I just really need all the help i can get.
My friends didn’t really seem to help nor did my siblings.
Can someone here in the forums help me out with this please?

1 Answers

Katherine-P_ Answered:

I think you must tell your parents and GF to spent some time together. They should talk to each other in order to know the person well. everything will go right if she really loves you. Though you on you own created this image of her in your parents' eyes, it is difficult to re-establish it, but not impossible.

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