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His daughter is even older than me

I met this very handsome and sweet man on a matchmaking tour where he came to meet me here in Ukraine.
He took me to his home in Arizona.
He told me before that he had a daughter.
So he wanted me to meet her later that week.
When I saw her I was shocked because I was expecting a little child or maybe a teenager.
But she was probably a little older than me.
My boyfriend is already 57 but he didn’t tell me he was married before or anything like that.
What should I do?

1 Answers

Cdh2000 Answered:

always listen to your gut feeling... If his age is a problem, if his previous marriage is a problem, or even the age of his daughter... simply dont move things forward, because things that are a problem now will contiune to be a problem in the future... Just listen to that soft voice deep inside of you... we all have it...

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