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My gf’s really depressed. I don’t know what to do.

My girlfriend’s old nanny (when she was still a toddler) has stage 4 lung cancer and a brain tumor.
She got the news a couple of months ago and right now, she won’t last much longer.
My gf is really depressed and keeps crying everyday day and night.
I’m trying my best to comfort her but seems like there is little I can do long distance.
I’m checking out some plane tickets right now and head on over to her hometown to be with her personally.
I was thinking if I should just surprise her or let her know.
I already know where her address is since I met her during an international dating social event the first time.
She’s really close with her nanny since she was the one who raised my gf since birth.
Her parents never really took care of her as a child and her nanny was only the one there for her.
She’s been visiting her nanny everyday now, but when she heads home and contacts me, she breaks down and cries herself to sleep every night.
I don’t know what to do.
It pains me to see her like this and it seems like every advice I give would just tear her apart.
Please help me guys.
Should I surprise her? What kind of advice can I give her to comfort her pain?

1 Answers

Katherine-P_ Answered:

Yes, you can do that, but make sure you know her proper address and she is available when you reach at her place. You are a good expample of a successful relationship. helping each other in good or bad times is the real meaning of relationship. Proud of you!

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