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I guess we're a perfect match

I joined a foreign dating event last year and just like me, the girls in the event are waiting to be loved and hopeful in getting married with someone of foreign influence.
I am from Colombia and this is my journey in meeting the man of my dreams.
I grew up in Cartagena, a big city in Colombia, a city known for its attractive women.
I joined the foreign dating event with hopes of finding true love.
I really don’t mind if he’s older than me.
After a year of membership, at last, someone noticed my profile and sent “letters” to me.
Based on his profile, he is an entrepreneur with 2 kids.
He is divorced and currently looking for a wife.
I guess we’re a perfect match! Aside from his work, he told me he is athletic and pretty much leads a healthy and sporty lifestyle (which works really great for me, since I’m just as athletic and sporty).
I love playing volleyball, soccer, and “some” water sports.
I guess we’re a perfect match! Having similar hobbies and interests I know it’s hard to expect but based on what he’s saying, he’s definitely interested in me.
Am I too confident? Yes, because he has given me expectations and promises.
Do I have to rely on this? Please respond.
Your reactions are appreciated.

1 Answers

CindyBaker Answered:

It would be best if you take it one step at a time, and move with caution. Meet him, get to know him better, and aim at an incremental growth in this relationship.Too much, too soon is bad news. Process everything, validate the credentials that he has shared, get him to share more about him and then make an informed decision. don't get swayed, be rooted.

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