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25-year old brother marrying too soon

I’m a man who has always been on the look-out for my family.
Growing up, I was always asked to be responsible for my siblings (younger brother and sister).
This is why I still feel responsible for their choices even when we’re all grown-ups now.
Right now, my brother is causing me a heavy dilemma.
He says he’s planning on proposing to his girlfriend when she visits us next month.
They met on some dating tours he attended last year.
I thought his relationship with her was some child’s play or something.
Apparently, he’s really serious about her.
I don’t think this is a good idea.
He’s still 24 with a lot of promising things ahead of him.
I think settling down will just anchor him down.
I’ve seen this before with our parents.
They got married right after college and divorced fifteen years later.
They’ve put their 12, 10, and 9-year old children to the struggles of growing up in a broken home.
I don’t want him making the same mistake as our parents.
Am I wrong for thinking such?

1 Answers

Blessidu Answered:

First, there's no way to know if their marriage will end up like your parent's. It's normal to be concerned but she could also be the love of his life and they could end up happily married to each other until they die. My advice would be to delicately tell your brother your concerns without saying anything bad about his future wife, then let him make his decision and stand by him 100%. It's hard to watch someone you love make a "mistake" but sometimes people have to go through things that aren't right to learn who they really are and what they really want from life.

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