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Budgeting and Student Loans

My husband and I live comfortably in the suburbs of a large city.
We both work full-time.
He makes more than twice as much money as I do, partly because I haven't been able to finish school, whereas his parents paid his full college tution and he graduated last year (I paid for my entire education up until this point, and I have no debt).
My husband loves to entertain and spend money on friends and outings.
We spend hundreds of dollars taking friends out to dinner, buying drinks, paying for uber rides, and going to shows and entertainment.
He has also purchased about $3,000 of music equipment in the past two months which I consider to be a hobby since he doesn't make any additional income from his music.
I have always struggled with depression, and it's been difficult lately because I work from home and I will go a week at a time without seeing anyone besides my husband.
I don't have many of my own friends since we relocated.
I want to go back to school and finish my degree so I can find my dream job and make more money.
My husband doesn't want to sit down with me and set up a budget for us, and he doesn't want me to take out any loans.
It will cost me about $15,000 to finish my degree, but he doesn't want me spending money on my degree right now.
I feel like I have no purpose in life and I don't know what to do next.
My question is whether I'm wrong to expect him to help me pay for school, or at least curb his own spending or let me take out a loan or credit card to pay for school.
I don't have any say over our finances.
If I need to buy something, I ask him first.
I even feel guilty going to the doctor and paying for my anti-depressant, much less spending money on school.
We have no children yet and I work from home, so I feel like this is the perfect time for me to finish my degree.
It will take less than a year to complete.
Help! I don't know what to do!

1 Answers

Brownie17 Answered:

Dear EmilyS, thank you for your story, it touched me. First, in order not to get depressed, I would advise you to remember the good qualities of your husband, why you loved him and what good he is doing for you now. On the other hand, he is right when it comes to a large amount of credit, because it is always risky. I would try to persuade him to take a small loan, if your degree can be paid in parts, then you would come to a compromise. A small loan is less risky and easier to repay. And it doesn't look as scary as the 15K amount. If both parties agree, then look for a good credit company with a low interest rate and good conditions for you. Well good luck. I believe that you will succeed.

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