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Mean husband

My husband never buys food, he rarely pays bills.
The only thing he really pays is half the rent, unless he feels I owe him some money, then he will subtract that money.
He lies about giving his son, my stepson money.
And he won’t even buy eggs for the house.
I am so angry that I am thinking about leaving him.
What do I do?

2 Answers

Xena69 Answered:

Wow. Yes, you should leave. I dont know if you work or not. But a husband should take care of his family.. YOU SHOULD not have to pay for any food. Its 50/50 in a relationship. I would not stay in that marriage. Its sad you have to live like this. Xena69

Katherine-P_ Answered:

The solution for everything is not leaving. I understand your situation but you need to handle things rather than escaping the situations like this. You must talk to your husband about the same and segregate the distribution of money so that nobody burdens with the home expenses.

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