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How can I help my wife orgasm?

We've been married for a little over two years and my wife still hasn't had an orgasm.
We have a lot of sex, and she loves it, but I still feel bad that I haven't been able to help her orgasm.
Fingers and mouth can get her really close but she feels like she has a mental block that just won't let her go all the way.
I feel so bad that she hasn't been able to.

2 Answers

Jamie76 Answered:

If it's mental - love her and make sure that she knows it. A lot of what happens in the bedroom is reflective of what happens outside the bedroom. If it's physical - learn how to stimulate all her erogenous zones. Manual and oral can be really helpful. Use a good lubricant. Try different positions and make it fun and sexy. If there's some past experiences that are getting in the way, look into counseling if needed.

Veryconfused Answered:

My wife had the same issue. What finally worked was a combination of having a drink or 2 to relax, played porn and then we got into the 69 position . While I was pleasuring her, I also started lightly playing with her anal area and eventuallly using a small vibrator while i was still using mouth and fingers on her vagina. Once this was successful a couple different times, she seems to relax easier now and not have the same mental block. She now experiences orgasm about a 3rd of the time. Hope that helps

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