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How to help my broken hearted brother

My brother recently got off a terribly toxic relationship with his girlfriend.
She was super clingy and would threaten him with blackmails and rants if things don’t go her way.
What I want for my big bro right now is for him to find another woman under his own terms and let him let loose.
This is the least he deserves after being with that pain in the neck for almost 7 years.
He needs to experience and explore more options and widen his dating circle.
I was thinking of letting him join an international dating social event for him to get away for a mini vacation all the while interacting with ladies abroad.
My friend actually suggested this to me since these types of things are gaining popularity.
Plus, I won’t have to worry about his itinerary for his trip since there will be an agency who will be taking care of him on my behalf.
Any advice on this before I sign him up?

1 Answers


Even I think it is a good option. Wen he will explore new place and meet new people, he might get refresh and enjot life more. Iis a good idea, you must proceed!

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