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Wife says I'm ignorant

Hi, im new to hear so may be this is in the wrong forum.
I've moved to my wife's home country two years ago.
There is very little use of cash as almost everything can be paid for using card.
During a recent conversation with somone I said that I don't know what a certain coin looks like.
This purely because I don't have need to use any cash.
May be on the rare occasion once in a few months.
But my wife got annoyed that I was being ignorant and don't know my coins in a county that I live in.
Is this fair or am I crazy to think that this was abit over the top over a coin.
I understand I would be ignorant if I handled currency and didn't know.
but what am I suppose to do if I genuine don't know because I don't handle coins often enough.

1 Answers

Katherine-P_ Answered:

That's true. But it's important for you to know the currency of the country in which you live in. Not because your wife will get angry but for your own well-being. however, in your case it wasn't a big issue but maybe your wife was concerned about your well-being and nothing else. discuss with her and clear your doubts.

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