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Over intervention of husband's friend is a trouble

My husband has a lot of friends and one of them claims to be his best friend say X.
Before our marriage and even during the beginning of our marriage X use to call me up and say different things.
X used to tell me about the cruel and unpleasant nature of my husband's mother.
X did this numerously many times.
I felt something is wrong and then I discussed this with my husband.
At first he denied completely that X cannot tell these type of things about his mother calming that I am a liar.
There were numerous occassionwhen X has passed lewd comments to me sometime in front of my husband but he puts a deaf ear on him.
He accuses me that I am trying to break his friendship with X.
On the top of all these when my husband asked X he twisted and manipulated the true facts.
Now after several such incidents I was went into severe depression because of there behavior.
Now my husband and I don't have any contact but he is still having good friendship with X.
I feel very humiliated.
I need to recover from this as soon as possible.
Please suggest.

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