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Is it appropriate for a mixed group of male & female friends to shack up on a ski weekend without their spouses?

My husband was recently invited on a weekend ski trip with "some people from work".
Before agreeing to it, I enquired who was going and learned that the trip was organized by a few women he works with, spouses were not invited, and everyone would be staying together in the same condo.
It was meant to be a boozy / fun ski trip nothing to do with work at all.
To top it off, 2 months previously I had told my husband that I had some concerns that he was attracted to one of the women going on the trip (first time in 15 years I've never doubted him before).
I didn't let him go, for obvious reasons.
I think it was cruel of him to suggest it knowing how I felt about the other woman.
HOWEVER, my question Is it appropriate for a mixed group of married / adult friends to go on a trip and not invite spouses? We're all in our 40's here, most of us married with children.
Is this not inappropriate, almost juvenile behaviour? I feel incredibly angry about it all, and it's made me suspicous about the women that organized it.

1 Answers

Ted1234 Answered:

He's a grown man, no matter what you say you cannot stop him from going if he really wants to go. To help your situation, you can pose the same situation to him that you are facing. Ask him how he'd feel if you were going to a trip where there was a man you were attracted and he(your husband) couldn't come along. How would he feel? What goes for the goose goes for the gander. This would probably make him realise what you must have been feeling.

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