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Sex with wife

Hi, I have been married for a year now and i still dont enjoy sex with wife or feel anything towards her.
We married via an arranged marraige and chatted over phone/ txt for about a year before we got married.
I never met up with her before i got married and so didnt have any kind of physical relationship with her.
i was attracted to her but on the first night of marraige when we had sex i did not enjoy it with her but i thought the situation would improve.
1 year later we dont have much sex and when we do i dont want to but my wife initiates it.
I dont feel any love or connection with her and never ever do i feel that i want to come home and rip her clothes off and have pattionate sex.
I have been in previous relationships were i have had pattionate sex.
I feel very frustrated and stuck in this marraige as im always wanting to have sex and i dont feel anything for my wife.
I dont have any mental or physical connection with her.

1 Answers

Kwaps2017 Answered:

Try and develop the mental connection, get to know her, start again, date her like you could have. Get to know what makes her tick, what she loves, have fun and a laugh and introduc the intimacy slowly. Have a chat with her as it may be she feels the same... Mental conncection is the path to a physical connec tion so i think you need to start there and work onwards.

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