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I want to have kids but she's not ready yet

Every family hopes to have kids.
This is a fact nobody could deny.
But in my case, or shall I say, in our case, this is difficult to achieve, especially if your partner doesn’t want to.
Now, what should be done? Mary and I have been married for 3 years now.
Our paths crossed because of A Foreign Affair.
She is a loving wife but doesn’t want to have kids yet.
She said she is not ready enough to bear a child.
Should that be fine? Everytime I ask her, she’ll always say “maybe we can plan about that next time”.
I do not see any possible reason why she’d say “no”.
We are legally married so it’s my right to have at least one.
I’m not getting any younger anymore so having kids is what I wanted to have.
I do not want to want to force my wife but she should think about it before.
Having kids running in the house is my ideal setting at home.
Having kids will make a home, a family! Now, what should be done? We’ve talked about this a lot of times, but still no improvement.
I need your help guys! My happiness might be at risk with this.
Thanks ahead!

1 Answers

Katherine-P_ Answered:

I think having kids is really great! but it should be a mutual decision. you alone cannot grow up your kids and need help to raise them into a better person. ask her about the reason why she do not wants. maybe she is going through some problem or simply she just want to enjoy her life with you. Because having children is a huge responsibility. You don't get time for yourself, sometimes working moms have to sacrifice their careers. one thing that you can do is ask her how much time more she wats and decide a deadline. This way, things will sort out hopefully!

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