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Low self esteem in relationship

Don’t think this question is specifically about a relationship but it’s part of it.
I’ve always struggled with low esteem and I’ve been in this relationship for 15 months now.
We are planning a trip to Mexico soon and I’ve been worrying about all the pretty skinny girls running around in bikinis.
I need to lose about 15 pounds.
I’m seriously considering not going because I can just picture it now.
My boyfriend doesn’t flirt or cheat on me but I’ve caught him lookin or staring at other girls before and it’s really bothered me.
I understand it’s natural to be attracted to other people but it always makes me feel like I’m not pretty enough or I don’t have as nice of a body as other girls.
I don’t know how to deal with this.
Any advice?

2 Answers

Tawnee Answered:

You should work harder to achieve that body then. Appreciate your boyfriend. Work hard to be with him.

Gwen09 Answered:

You shouldn't let that worry you. Seriously he is your man. Go and show off that you're with him. One day you'll be old and sagging and wrinkled and you'll look back and think about how you looked now and think you looked great. Good bust, big butt. Better than sagging breasts and no ass. Be proud of what you look like. Flaunt it.

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