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Sex with partner seems impossible :(

Me and my partner first had sex a couple of months ago, we were both virgens.
I did not expect anything mindblowing, but he did not manage to get himself in.
It only worked when I got on top, but we both could not feel anything, even though he was fully inside.
Until today we have problems, he tries missionary but says only the head gets in when he starts trusting and he slips out eventually.
We tried different angles, with cushions and such, did not help.
He blames it on his sizes, but he is average, 6 inches.
I think he gets nervous and loses his erection a bit, even though we've been trying long now.
Hope someone has tips

2 Answers

Simon007 Answered:

Seems like youare still tight down there. as you stated you just broke your virginity and havent fully had sex with your partner. Maybe try using a sex toys to open yourself up and then try again.

Tawnee Answered:

I think you should encourage your partner that he is doing well so he won't fell nervous. Moreover, try it with toys first.

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