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My fiancé said she don't fantasize about me when I ask I fantasizes about her all the time is this a bad thing?

me and my girlfriend has only been together a month.
I fell in love with her right away.
she also tells me she is in love with me but sexually we don't connect I ask her if she has ever fantasies about me she was honest and said NO I fantasize about her often sexually and none sexually.
am I being to critical about this subject?? I feel like she is not attracted to me physically.
what do you think I should do she doesn't want to talk about this subject.
how do I approach this conversation with out her or I getting offended.

1 Answers

Katherine-P_ Answered:

Hey, I understand your point. Everyone has desires and emotions when the person is in relationship. but as your relationship has just started, you must give your partner little time. spend sometime quality time together to know each other rather than doing things in a hurry. When you feel that now you are close enogh to share your feelings with her, go ahead!

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