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Pregnant by another man. Should he stay or divorce?

My best friend and her husband are divorcing.
They have been having many marital problems for about a year now, maybe a little more.
They have had times of separation but they only lasted a few days at a time.
This last separation that they went through, she said she was done with him.
He desperately wanted to work things out but she said she needed her time to find herself again and to figure out if she wanted to make it work or not.
They were separated 2 months in which during that time, she had a one night stand.
She took a plan b pill the following day but has a medical condition.
According to her, this condition or the medication she takes for it, affected how the pill would work.
A few days after this one night stand, she and her husband got back together.
She claims that although she missed him, she felt it was too soon.
She told him about the one night stand and they continued their relationship together.
Then she found out she was pregnant.
She knew by the timing, that her husband was not the father and even had a paternity test done.
She does not want an abortion.
She is against abortions and she has always wanted to be a mother.
My question is, as a married couple, should he stay with her and raise the child as his own, which is what she wants or should he continue on with the divorce?

1 Answers

JudeKesse Answered:

She should forgive herself first and then ask God is forgive her. The matter of she divorcing her husband should not be considered because marriage is a lifetime. The best marriage is between two big big "forgivers". She should just tell her husband about it and be praying. If he has the fear of God in him, he won't push her away. God bless you and help you

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