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Can you overcome an Affair

The situation is the following.
My husband has been having an affair with a woman that he meet on TINDER! I was aware of the female because I caught then in our car at a movie parking lot and she was about to perform a sexual act on him.
I was under the impression that the relationship was over after that.
However, the day before thanksgiving, I found that she was talking to him on snapchat.
I messaged her and asked why was she still talking to my husband if she knew he was married.
She never responded.
A few weeks later, I saw something else from this girl and I messaged her again.
This time to get a response of being cursed out.
I simply told her that SZA has all yall side pieces empowered but you can spend the weekend elsewhere and not with my husband.
No response came from that.
  Now fast foward to present day.
I figured all communication was ceased I hadn't seen anything or noticed anything different in my husband's behavior.
Then one day my house phone rings and it is her, she is screaming and yelling and cursing me out and tells me that her and my husband are expecting! TWINS! Im devestated!  My husband was aware that she is saying that she is pregnant and was happy.
He told her he was going to leave me for her and the kids.
Now he has changed his mind and is trying to work it out with me.
We have went to counseling and are having weekly sessions.
However, now the other woman has become vicious.
She has lied on me stating that I have been calling her and threathening her from several numbers, that I have been forcing her to get an abortion, etc.
I have not once messaged her since the two text messages mention before.
  She has threathen my husbands career, his finances, and his marriage.
He now sees that the grass is not greener on the other side.
He has asked her to get an abortion and she will only agree if he leaves me.
She has not proven that she is pregnant at all.
SHe is claiming it is twins at 8 weeks.
She has stated she has been to the doctors 3 times for appointments.
She wont provide him proof because she does not want me to see it.
  She also has an abusive ex-boyfriend that is asking her to move in with him all at the same time.
  She has messaged me several times and called me and try to make my reconciliation with husband hard.
She has told him that if she has to use this pregnancy as a way to get him out of the abusive relationship he is in then so be it.
I do not know what to do.
I want to press charges on her but can i?  If she is pregnant,it could be the other mans baby.
She is not concerned about the future of the child its all about having my husband and him leaving me.
She already told him that the children can not be around me or come to our home.
What can we do? Can he make her get an abortion legally since she is trying to have a baby out of maliace?  She hates me and keeps trying to put my husband against me.
She tells him lies all the time.
What should i do? Can I do anything legally? How do we make her prove she is pregnant?  

2 Answers

AnanthiM Answered:

As u said, Now he has changed his mind and is trying to work it out with me. We have went to counseling and are having weekly sessions. Counseling will always help you. And just ask him honestly if he is really interested in you. You can overcome an Affair.

Ted1234 Answered:

All this while you are dealing with the other woman while your husband should be doing that if he really wants to be with you. Ask your husband to take care of this episode. And legally, for now, I don't think she is liable to give you any information about her pregnancy.

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