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I don't understand why!

We welcomed our first child about six months ago.
I was ecstatic to be a father.
My wife decided to take some time off work, although it’s been more than six months.
I don’t know if she is afraid to return to work or if she is afraid to leave our daughter alone.
I have tried to encourage her to return to work, even offering to make arrangements with my job to work nights.
Our parents have offered to watch her while we are working, and we have also discussed hiring a nanny.
I don’t know what to do anymore.
She talks about wanting to go back to work, but she still hasn’t made any effort to return.
Please offer me some guidance! Thanks!

3 Answers

Kimlakes Answered:

Speaking as a mother, if your wife is hesitant about returning to work, then I think she needs to consider working from home. I don’t believe in a woman not holding up her end of the bargain. I can understand as a woman not feeling confident enough to leave your newborn with anyone. Although, being a stay at home mother doesn’t limit you to simply taking care of the house and child. This is 2014, and there are many mother’s working from home with children.

Babygirl Answered:

Speaking as a woman, it is difficult for some young and first time mom’s to feel secure enough to leave their newborn with anyone. I think almost every new mom feels some type of anxiety returning to work after having their first child.

Arodger Answered:

I think you need to find a way to encourage your wife that your daughter will be safe while she’s working. When my wife went back to work, we used our parents to watch our son for the first year. It was the only way to give her a sense of security.

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