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Met a woman with same sexual desire as mine. What to do?

My wife have no more interest in sex after getting our first kid.
Its been 1.
5 years we didn't have sex.
She has no issue.
But I need to use my hand to get out of my sex feels.
Recently I met a girl who expressed her feels.
She is interested in sex but her hubby is not interested after getting baby.
So she is now ready to satify my sex desire and her desire also will be satisfied by me.
Advice me.
What to do.
Shall I proceed with her?

3 Answers

Tavinho Answered:

First of all, you should ask your wife if you can cheat her. Telling all about of your sexual desires, be prepared for two possible answers: if you explain very well, she may accept it and solve your issue. Otherwhise, its possible that she gets shocked, then you will need to calm down the whole situation and go to the next option. In this scenario, all goes wrong: we have two ways. You will have to make a important decision, judging how important the marriage is. If it isn't that important, you can go on and cheat her, since it don't became a real thing, you know? If you think your marriage is really important, then you will have to sit down and discuss the relationship. Maybe, it will leave to the infamous breakup. Congrats from Brazil, I'm sure this will help you.

Ted1234 Answered:

You must not! You have a child, a family together with your wife. You will put everything at stake if you choose to act on your sexual instincts. If sex has vanished from your married life, talk to her, seek help from a counselor. Cheating cannot be a solution to anything.

Katherine-P_ Answered:

First of all you need to be clear that whether you sex desires are more that the love for your wife? all you need to do is discuss everything with your wife on a serious notee and tell her about that girl who is ready to have sex with you. If she is really concern about you and your feelings, she will never allow you to do the same, instead she will try to satisfy you on her own.

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