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What am i doing wrong?

I and my wife have been married for 2years, she's my second wife, I'm her second husband, we both brought baggage into our relationship, she's a recovering drug addict, abuse survivor, I'm a former alcoholic and I have severe anxiety, our marriage is good at least I thought so, she is my world, I try to spoil her because no one ever did, I was the first person to buy her flowers! She is my queen, I was working on her tablet, it won't charge anymore, a messenger message poped up, I clicked and wished I had not it was a message from some guy named Kevin, it had a picture of her feet with a " do you want to see more" message from her, his reply was what I clicked saying he was stuck, I talked calmy to her and she played it off as being playful but said she understands my point.
Since she has been acting depressed, no interest in sex or doing anything with me, when she says anything to me its short one or two word answers.
Is she cheating on me? Is she tired of me? Have I not done enough? Too much? We have known each other since grade school, my wife passed away as did her spouse, she was a battered wife, I do my best to take care of her because I love her and she's never had someone do that for her.
What am I doing wrong?

1 Answers

Ted1234 Answered:

Hi! I am afraid she might be cheating on you. Maybe it's just a physical, anyway, that doesn't take away from the fact that there is a big possibility that she is cheating. You have to confront her seriously, ask her why she is not communicating with you well, and why she is not interested in sex anymore.

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